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vcc-MAM2 (By Cuong )

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vcc-MAM2 Обсуждение

Cuong (CuongVC)
Feb 06 2020 at 12:39
237 комментариев
This is my new MAM with some adjustment on strategy to have better performance.

Target monthly gain: 20-25%
Expected Maximum DD: 25%

Come join the ride...

If you can prove that you can make money grows, tons of money will flow to you.
Feb 07 2020 at 19:03
6 комментариев
is this system available for copying?

is broker regulated?

how much is trader's capital? any investor references?

Cuong (CuongVC)
Feb 07 2020 at 19:16
237 комментариев
It is a MAM, you can join the MAM by clicking this link: https://my.myfxchoice.com/registrationMam/?ib=248669&account=765158

If the link is not shown here due to be taken out by moderator, it is in my profile.

I put my own money into it by being a client to the MAM in the sub account name MAM2-ClienMe (https://www.myfxbook.com/members/CuongVC/mam2-clientme/4487474)

Broker is FXChoice, not regulated in the USA but we have been having great experience with them.

For a faster and non-moderated communication, Skype me at 'vccuong1'. Or email me at 'vccuong1@yahoo.com'

If you can prove that you can make money grows, tons of money will flow to you.
JForex78 (JForex78)
Feb 21 2020 at 21:48
56 комментариев

Those are really great results. DD seems in check too.

I hope the system can run for a long time.

Cuong (CuongVC)
Feb 24 2020 at 04:31
237 комментариев
Thanks JForex78.


Today, there are issue with the MAM software again. 30 sell trades that were closed by TP on the master account do not do so in all the sub accounts.

I have contact FXChoice. I hope they will fix this soon. They need to make all transactions on the master be distributed to all sub-accounts.

You can see the different in vcc-MAM2 and MAM2-ClientMe accounts in my profile.

If you can prove that you can make money grows, tons of money will flow to you.
Feb 24 2020 at 20:18
6 комментариев

This is our first month of investment. And we really like the results.

We were nervous yesterday about trade mismatch. As investors we have no recourse. And we expect the trader to monitor such problems, at the least.

We are happy that Trader monitered the problem, informed us and got it resolved. This builds trust. And its very important for us to stay invested.

Once we accrue back the capital from first investment we plan on investing more.

Feb 24 2020 at 20:23
6 комментариев
Also we like it that Trader's own money is involved.

Ideally we like to see 50% trader's money, but we see Trader's account is growing.

We hope he lets it grow because without seeing Trader's money, we won't have trust, and wont invest a single penny in any system.

Feb 25 2020 at 06:01
1 комментариев
I want to thank Cuong for professional service. Second time he has helped us (first time with a MAM1-got our fund back (broker fault), and second time MAM2, when trades on subaccounts werent close-he managed it with a broker and all our trades were closed later, but with a same price like Cuong did on his master account.)
There is no problem with communication, every question is answered ASAP.
Performance will be prove by the time, but from my point of view I can recommand Cuong as a willing person.

Cuong (CuongVC)
Feb 25 2020 at 13:48
237 комментариев
Yes, all investors have had those 30 trades closed at the same price with the master's and that mean all got a big jump on their equity!

I expressed that I and investors are worry that this will happen again and said that some investors may not want to stay. FXChoice don't want us to leave them, they really want to do it right. They said they will get back to me again after they figure out what really caused the problem and hopefully will give some kind of promise that this won't happen again.

It is nice that they make it right after the issue. This is the second times their MAM software has some bugs but both times they end them with good results to the manager and investor. That is a very good thing to build trust.

If you can prove that you can make money grows, tons of money will flow to you.
JForex78 (JForex78)
Mar 04 2020 at 06:49
56 комментариев

Brilliant performance in Feb, and Mar so far!

Looking forward to tighter DD in future.

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