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ZERO2HERO FREE2COPY Round.7 (By Thepoundmaestro )

Прибыль : -69.93%
Просадка 92.35%
Пипс: -1600.3
Сделки 2325
Тип: Реальный
Кредитное плечо: 1:1000
Трейдинг: Неизвестно

ZERO2HERO FREE2COPY Round.7 Обсуждение

Mar 25 2021 at 04:43
6 комментариев
Do you use stop loss for your members?
Mar 25 2021 at 10:56
44 комментариев
vilenwaw posted:
Do you use stop loss for your members?
Yes, setting up maximum DD for members are easy, as you can see on screenshot below, mostly my members risk for 40% DD maximum for their account.


ali asadi (aliasadi)
Mar 25 2021 at 18:46
11 комментариев
Mar 26 2021 at 20:28
44 комментариев
Tips for new members, do not forget to claim your 50% deposit bonus from the broker, the bonus will stay as credit to leverage your trading and the bonus sooner or later will become real money for you
Mar 29 2021 at 04:00
44 комментариев
be patient when dd happens, let the system work its best, we will see beautiful profits in the end🙌
Apr 02 2021 at 10:30
44 комментариев
From now on, all members must register with octafx broker under my group link. The result copying my fbs account to octafx account will perfectly make good profit for members because octafx have more benefit for you, deposit bonus will easy to cash out using my scalping system and the spreads are amazing compare to fbs will save 3 pips different which make my members get more profit rather than my fbs account.

Thank you
DR REV (wsammie22)
Apr 02 2021 at 11:09
2 комментариев
Apr 02 2021 at 21:11
44 комментариев
wsammie22 posted:
Cqn i link myfxbook to plus500
I am sorry, i do not understand your question...

For them who interested to copy, before you decide to contacting me to join my free copy trading service, you must agree with these following terms, please read carefully:

1. Please remember, trading forex is risky and not suitable for everyone, that is why for members i will suggest all to copy my account with maximum 50% risk ratio copy because my maximum DD for my account will set to 40% now.

2. I use grid and scalping to make profit so if you are not comfortable with these strategies please do not contact/copy.

3. To support my service as totally free of charge for members, please do register an mt4 account using octafx broker under my group link is a must! To get the link you may contact me using email or telegram available at my profile

4. Deposit your account with minimum $1000 as start, after that please contact me to start copy my account to yours by giving me your trading account number and trading password

That's all you need to do, no hidden fees, no profit sharing scheme, no VPS to buy. I will handle all members accounts using my own VPS and my own copy trading software. You will risk your own money and i will risk my own too, that's why i will not charge anything from your side

Apr 09 2021 at 10:47
14 комментариев
Nice system you have here. Keep up the amazing work and do share more about it.
Apr 09 2021 at 14:36
44 комментариев
marcellamcguire posted:
Nice system you have here. Keep up the amazing work and do share more about it.
Thank you
Apr 12 2021 at 15:56
44 комментариев
From now on, i decided for minimum deposit to join my free copy trading service must be $1000

Thank you
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