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I started trading forex at the age of 14 believe it or not. Something intrigued me about probability. I asked myself why are over 90% of people unsuccessful at trading? I mean if you traded at the flip of a coin you should be 50% profitable.

Fast forward another 14 years and here I am, just graduated college and committed to trading. You are probably asking have I made money? The answer is yes and no. Yes but with very little funds "college costs money". I have consistently made money but unfortunately I have had to use that money to attend college.

So am I any good? I guess that is what I am here to proof. What do you consider a good profit factor to be? A good profit factor is anything above 1.98 "meaning for every dollar you lose you make 1.98 dollars". My highest profit factor was close to 1000, yes one thousand. Largest profit = $14,133 Largest loss = $160. Let's just say that by spending thousands of hours looking at price charts you should be able to find your system.

Can I add that you shouldn't be looking for the holy grail, my first mistake was just that. Hundreds of dollars spent on garbage. It is everyone's mistake looking for the perfect indicator or automated system. The best lesson was learning to lose money. I hated it but ultimately it was the only way to learn.

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I trade manually and have identified methods that I use to pinpoint supply and demand points. After all, supply and demand dictates turning points in price.

Losing is the only way to learn.

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