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eddyskommmsi trader's profile


Имя Eddy SKom MMSI

Hello Watcher, Followers,
& My Future Copiers ^^
Thanks for visiting my profile.

I'm a Daily Trader with following Technical & Fundamental Approach. in order to reach my trading goal, I need a best partner to help me reach my Goal. that's why I build my own EA to full fill my trade. you can see it from my portfolio.

My Trading Goal : Heading Toward Financial Freedom.

Good strategy +
Good money management +
Good trading psychology +
Good trading plan +
Having good trading journal will lead to your trading success and make a big money from your trading.......
Be a disciplined trading and Money will follow

My Life Goal :
1. Giving Happiness to My Family
2. Helping Poor People in Education Sector.
3. Fight and Stop Climate Change.

Стиль трейдинга:
My Trading Style :
80% Technical by using 100% of my Own Expert Advisor.
20% Fundamental by using manual method.

My Best Setup :
- Trend Follower
- Price Action

Every Top we reach come from a small step we step In. Well Trade Well Closed!

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