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To know more about the system , visit our website:

Primary Contact email: [email protected]

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Our system uses a highly sophisticated machine learning algo to continuously learn and evolve as the market changes it's behavior.

It can also change it's behavior instantly based on instant change in market behavior and it trades just like a highly advanced professional human trader and so we call it "Artificial General Intelligence"

To know more about the system , visit our website:

Primary Contact email: [email protected]

Artificial General Intelligence

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Имя Прибыль Просадка Пипс Трейдинг Кредитное плечо Тип
Artificial General Intelligence V.7.0 303.81% 6.80% 1197.7 Автоматически 1:200 Демо
IG Markets(STOPPED) 44.94% 12.04% 9074.0 Автоматически 1:200 Реальный
MultiBank(STOPPED) 7.83% 9.07% 4497.1 Автоматически 1:500 Реальный
AGI EA_REAL Account_Instaforex 147.52% 2.92% 5249.1 Автоматически 1:100 Реальный
leo23 Nov 06 at 14:25
Our latest REAL Account from Forex4you published here will be used as master MT4 account to copy trades for our fund management clients.
leo23 Nov 06 at 14:24
This is to inform everyone that our latest REAL Account from Forex4you is used as a follower account from our master MT4 account to copy trades under our fund management. So under fund management same trades will be copied to all clients REAL Accounts.
leo23 Nov 01 at 07:37
Today we have added one more REAL account from Forex4you broker to test our algo. Also, we have created one website to compile and represent all information about our system in one place.

Here is the link:
leo23 Oct 24 at 13:13
We are working to see if we can actually backtest the algo in a MT4 since it was previously not possible. If backtesting will be possible, then we will backtest almost all 28 currency pairs and choose only selective pairs where it has made profit in last 10 to 12 years and we will post all backtesting results from time to time.

Currently, it is trading only in 6 major pairs and so far okay and today morning also it got some good profits.
leo23 Oct 21 at 13:46
Due to some reason our DEMO account is not placing any trades since last coupe of days, but the the LIVE account is placing a couple of trades once in a while. It may be due to very low volatile markets or due to some other reason. We will continue to monitor the accounts to see if we can figure out the reasons if possible.
leo23 Feb 16 2021 at 22:59
We want to update all that we have changed our contact email address.

Our new Contact email: [email protected]
leo23 Dec 03 2020 at 11:07
We have noticed that due to various regulatory requirements of forex brokers, the PAMM or MAM services are highly complicated due to which all investors from all countries can't participate in same PAMM account of a forex broker.

So we have decided to just reduce our minimum investment requirement for direct fund management. So instead of 100K, now investors with as little as 10K can join our fund management services directly from any country with any broker of their choice.

In general, this algo requires high balance like 50K or more to maintain a low drawdown %, but we have improved our algo in Version 6 to work with lower balances as little as 10K with maximum drawdown % of 30%. So we will be running version 6 of our algo for fund management.

So now investors with minimum balance of 10K can contact us with their own broker for joining our fund management.

For detailed terms and conditions for fund management, contact our support email '[email protected]'

leo23 Dec 03 2020 at 07:56
We offer direct fund management services with starting balance of 10K and more.

For more details, contact '[email protected]'

Contact email: [email protected]
leo23 Sep 20 2020 at 06:19
Currently, these are the 3 possible options for an investors/forex brokers/fund to use our system:

1.PAMM for retail investors in HotForex broker with minimum investment of 5K(This option is not available now, but might be available soon)

2.Direct Fund Management for Private investors with minimum investment of 100K in any broker of investor's choice, but payment method to be used for profit sharing and terms of profit sharing as per our choice

3.Fund Management for Institutional partners or forex brokers or funds etc with minimum investment amount of 2M USD or more without having much complicated regulatory requirements

If you fit with any one of the above 3 categories, then contact us to our email "[email protected]" for more details and make sure to mention the approximate amount you want to invest in our system.

Contact email: [email protected]
leo23 Jul 16 2020 at 12:09
Currently, we offer only fund management services.

We are mainly looking for relatively large investors starting with 100K to few millions USD.

Someone who doesn't meet the criteria can still make benefit by referring investors to us. You can make commissions for lifetime by referring one large investor to us.

For more details about our affiliate program contact '[email protected]'

Contact email: [email protected]