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Back when daytrading was something you did standing up, and the library was the only place to get stock charts, is when I got started trading. For day traders, payday was everyday, weekends sucked (because the market was closed), and Monday's were the most exciting day of the week.

Back then, daytrading was the big shift that changed the market forever. Daytraders were hero's.

Now, it's algorithmic opportunities seen popping up on the horizon. We are at the cutting edge again, only this time it's the system developers that will change the market forever.

System developers are the new market hero's.

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Algorithmic logic ,based on decades of research, and over 500,000 algorithmic tests. I use a NASA style approach to system development. How does NASA learn the unknown? They collect data, and analyze it. Most developers waste majority of time poking around in the dark trying to find trading rules that produce a good equity curve.

That's not the NASA approach. My systems are built on a foundation of research, data mining and mathematics. Over 6000 lines of code, just to collect data and analyze it. Over 100 multi dimensional arrays, maxed out the MT4 limits.
Now that's what I call LOVING the market.

Don't give up.

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