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Afterprime User Reviews
Afterprime User Reviews
Участник с Apr 02, 2014   1 комментариев
Feb 21 at 20:01
I have used this broker from when it was still the old Global Prime. It's the only retail trader I know with trade receipts showing the liquidity provider who filled your trade. A- Class!!
Участник с Dec 17, 2022   1 комментариев
Jan 25 at 11:08 (отредактировано Apr 12 at 12:34)
Saludos, Afterprime sin duda es uno de los mejores brokers en lo personal les tengo una enorme confianza debido a su transparencia las ejecuciones son extremadamente precisas los diferenciales hierbajos la atencion al cliente 10 de 5 todas las veces que e tenido algún problema o inquietud (ajeno a la plataforma y su operativa) me responden y dan soluciones al toque
Участник с Mar 27, 2021   1 комментариев
Oct 03, 2023 at 05:49
I have account since Global Prime. Now they split to AfterPrime, and got better executions, better spread. The customer services also the best, very fast respond.
Участник с Dec 04, 2021   2 комментариев
Oct 02, 2023 at 23:49
Great Job Overall. I hope this broker continues to grow
Участник с Apr 02, 2014   1 комментариев
Sep 08, 2023 at 01:10
Afterprime crypto pricing is the best in the market by far. I just wish it was on MT5 as my EA doesn't work on MT4 :(
Участник с Sep 01, 2016   13 комментариев
Jun 29, 2023 at 07:01
seemed nice that they had a discord, but so far its been a very bad experience as they are banning users from discord, for telling the truth about their previous rip off scams at the brokerage they were previously running called Global Prime where they ripped a bunch of us off on some CFD rubles trades, where they closed our trades without notice! And then claimed we were sanctioned! We are not Russian! and the trades were CFD where no rubles were involved, only ruble was used for pricing, but we didn't have or couldn't have received rubles anyways because it was a CFD! So they defrauded me! And they also defrauded several people I know on the same usd/rub pair. I was defrauded out of thousands! Also they have people that effectively work for them as moderators and ambassadors on their discord, who have been submitting basically fake reviews!!!
Участник с Jun 02, 2023   1 комментариев
Jun 12, 2023 at 12:53 (отредактировано Nov 27, 2023 at 05:31)
As you can see from myfxbook I have live account with them. Initially I open Global Prime account Sep 2022 and my account migrated Afterprime when the new business is established. Excellent support and, no issues. Very good spreads. I highly recommend them.

27-11-23 below added - best broker known to me, my experience as below/
My situation was unique, I am based in Sri Lanka, but I wanted ability to transfer funds to my Australian bank account as my wife is in Australia receiving medical treatment in Melbourne this is Nov 2023, although I usually do not pull profit out of the account as I let the account grow, in an emergency I needed access to funds in the broker account, I also wanted funds in my Australia account, I had two bank accounts in Australia opened during my uni days, one with a credit union (not going to specify which) the other with major bank. As a experiment I transferred 100AUD to my credit union account even after 8 days funds did not come through. I got in touch with After prime payments they immediately did a SWIFT MT103 trace and with details provided asked the credit union to trace the funds, credit union could not locate the funds and after prime recall the funds back to my account through their bank immediately, after few email conversations with after prime payments we both decided to have go at my account with Major bank in Australia (name not specified ) as it is a bigger bank with more resources , funds from after prime arrived in the account at lighting speed few hours later funds were in the account. Lesson learn here not to finger point at the broker who is willing to work with you in good faith, and with fund transfers always stick to leading banks, smaller banks may not have resources to accommodate international fund transfers. In my case credit union did not have the resources to receive funds internationally but the other bank did. After prime has been extraordinarily helpful, you send them an email within few hours (some times in few minutes) you get a response with a solution and suggestion, my own bank manager did not respond to me for almost two days. When you have good broker who is willing to help out the customer in good faith, we as customer need to work with them, I highly recommend after prime you guys are the best, I am with them for long term.

What separate excellent broker from a average broker is when things not going as planned to what extent the broker is willing to help you, above is one of the best experiences how good these guys are.
Участник с Jan 23, 2020   5 комментариев
Apr 14, 2023 at 08:15
Afterprime is a great broker, good spreads and pricing, they offer MT4, TE and TV.
Never had issues with deposits or withdrawals.
They were previously part of Globalprime.
Also great community on Discord.
I recommend them!

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