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CedarFX Обсуждение

8 комментариев
With CedarFX ever since I started trading in 2021. As a novice Forex and Crypto trader, I couldn't have asked for a better broker. Affordable, convenient and reliable which is all I was looking for in a broker. Their friendly support and transparent fee is something I never found in any other broker I have been with till now. If you are a novice, this broker is for you. Cheers!
105 комментариев
Been using these guys nearly a year now .
My withdrawals are always same day and my favourite Markets of late are Crypto, some good shorts recently courtsey of the bear market we're experiencing.
Its 24/7 there which is a big plus for me .
Spreads are nice and tight plus i avail of a 0 commisions account which is a real saver on intraday and scalping on US30 .
Customer support is live 24/7 a big help for new traders .Can recommend them no hassle
48 комментариев
Moved to CedarFX as the only brokers I could use restrict me to 1:30 leverage (I’m based in the UK). They offer 1:500 leverage on fiat pairs and 1:100 for crypto pairs.

Being able to deposit and withdraw in BTC is great (usually same day) as other brokers offer 5 day bank transfers.

They have tight spreads and 0% commissions on trades which is great for day trading.

All in all a good broker that I’ve used for 2 years and no problems so far.
70 комментариев
I opened account with CedarFX purely for the eco account least I can contribute to helping them plant a tree for every lot used. Leverage is decent and so are the spread.

They offer 24/7 crypto trading that is also a bonus. Highly recommend
29 комментариев
Opened an account with these guys due to them offering an ECO account and trees being planted from my trading. i really liked this aspect they offered, it feels like i am making a difference to the planet and my own carbon offset. Their platform provides all the normal services you would expect, good all round broker i would recommend
300 комментариев
A fresh breeze into the brokers and financial sphere at all. They caught my eye with their planet friendly cause but even the 0 commission account worth a check. All processes are smooth and the support is professional and responsive.
47 комментариев
I enitionaly started using these because of the zero commission account, I figured I had nothing to loose by checking them out. I've been really impressed with them, its been a very smooth experience as everything just works as it should. I have now started using the eco account as well as its still cheaper commission that a lot of others and with the added bonus that I'm helping out even if it is just in a small way.
I use BTC to deposit and withdraw and found it very quick and easy to do from the start.
I can't really see me needing another broker for anything as I have forex and crypto here with these.
25 комментариев
Been using CedarFX for a couple of months now, figured it would be time to leave a review.
Was drawn initially after hearing on Facebook that they have 0 commission accounts, I figured it was bullshit but to my surprise it was offered.
They've got 2 accounts, the 0 commission and an eco account - the spreads are great on both, and the eco account, the commissions charged are put towards planting trees.
It's also been the first time I've tried a web trader, I've always used MT4 and when I saw they offered a web trader, figured I'd try that too, again expected the worse but was really pleasantly surprised that it really rivalled using MT4.
Been a broker of surprises for sure. Really impressed with everything so far, enjoying the money saved on commissions as that's an extra $200 a month or so in my pocket!
Will update if I come in to any issues, but so far really pleased.
39 комментариев
The first 0% commission broker I’ve used and it’s pleasantly surprising. 0 fees on deposits and withdrawals and loads of crypto available including the elusive DOGE. Would recommend to friends.
103 комментариев
Well glad i have changed over, my last broker had to many glitch's and issues so started testing others, after a while CedarFX seemed the most reliable and customer friendly. offering decent leverage and even zero commissions which help the smaller trader for sure. not had any problems since moving over and even offer more tradable's then my last broker. which is good as i can now do every thing all in 1 place. if they stay like this then i will be sticking with them for a while!
21 комментариев
Have tested the whole of 2021 with CedarFX comparing the zero commissions accounts with my other fx accounts. I am quite impressed with the consistant tight spread on most pairs. They have similar crypto markets to others, with around 30 pairs to trade. the main cryptos have decent spread and of course 24/7 trading.
30 комментариев
I really like the idea of 0 commission broker and it works well. The whole platform is good and definitely saved money. I now do a lot of my trading with them. Not much more I could really want tbh.
538 комментариев
Started using this broker as was looking for a cheaper alternative to some other offshore brokers without losing out on functionality and having the spreads get too wide. Been trying out these and so far so good. Initially started out on the 0% commission account as that was obviously cheapest. Spreads are comparable if not better than other competitors despite the commission plan. I also ended up opening an 'eco' account as it is only $1 per lot and I am intrigued by the charity they support.

Withdrawals nice and quick via BTC as per some competitors that use this method. Worth a look if you need to escape the restrictions being placed in so many countries now and even for those who already use offshore brokers.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
83 комментариев
Been testing this broker out the past few months, and so far I'm impressed. Withdrawals are fast, customer support are helpful (and 24/7) and it's an added bonus that you can trade Crypto on a weekend.

I tend to make withdrawals on a weekend and still get my money within 2 hours to my Coinbase account.

Would recommend this broker to anybody that is looking for a new one.
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