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HYCM Обсуждение

Nov 30 2020 at 17:36
14 комментариев
Modern brokerage companies attract attention with various unusual services and some special offers, which as if give an opportunity to earn without knowledge and without special efforts and without stress. Yes, it sounds great, and many people believe in it and then wonder why they do not succeed. And this is certainly the most difficult and doubtful moment in our business.
That's why I treat this company with such respect, because here they try to form an attitude to trading as a business, as a serious process that requires knowledge and constant practice.
And this is what hycm reviews talk about. I see that people try to explain different strategies and approaches, news and other important things. As well as the services themselves, which are aimed at independent work of traders, so that they could learn to trade independently in mt4 or mt5 or start with an ordinary demo to get used to the analysis and work with different assets, from something super modern here are presented only calculators, but they are necessary for the correct analysis and certainly will not make a trader lazy market participant.

Nov 23 2020 at 17:56
19 комментариев
How does the broker protect the funds of its clients?

Nov 08 2020 at 22:15
17 комментариев
It seems to me that I managed to find a company that meets my expectations. All I was striving for was a calm, safe environment to trade with no surprises. And yes, I found it here, because everything I was promised at registration is 100% fulfilled.
Today I work with raw spreads, I do not use calculators - no need. But the demo was very useful for me, so I mastered some complicated but effective strategies. And I haven't spent any personal money on it. This is a big advantage.

Oct 22 2020 at 22:33
8 комментариев
I'm trading 2 months with the HYCM already. I had a long doubts about what broker to choose, the industry is overheated now, so it's a real challenge. HYCM was just one of the candidates I was testing and finally decided to trade with it. So why I've chose HYCM? Reviews, regulations and assets offered were good, but the main reason was different. The thing was that it was my first experience in trading, so I was looking not only for reliable brokerage, but for a platform I can learn with as well.
HYCM is great in this regard. The main problem of other brokers was that they offered poor education or wanted money for educational courses. Nah, I'm not ready to pay for education, especially when I can get it for free. So, education was HYCM's 'killing-feture' that made me choose this brokerage.
I started up with Tutorials and educational videos and then moved up for eBooks reading. Ofc, free education wouldn't turn you into pro-trader, but that's the easiest way to learn basic things for further trading.
Now I'm already trading, but I'm still watching webinars and workshops. They're aimed at of practicing traders and help to study trading in great detail. So this is a good addition to your daily routine because it allows you to explore something new and expand your horizons.
Looking back, I can say that I was completely satisfied with trading with HYCM. Yes, trading was a challenge, but HYCM education made things a little easier, as I started my trading with the theoretical basis.

Oct 09 2020 at 20:48
12 комментариев
In my opinion, I chose a worthy company.
I liked to work with raw spreads and I also noted the forex calculators, now calculations became less of a problem for me.

Sep 13 2020 at 20:38
14 комментариев
A year ago I decided to change my brokerage. I had problems with it a long time ago, and with time the quality of its services became only worse. I was no longer satisfied with it and started looking for a replacement. First of all, I visited several Forex forums to find out which brokers traders prefer most. There was a lot of information on the forums, and it was difficult to focus my attention on a particular brokerage. But still my interest was attracted by HYCM.
HYCM reviews in general were either moderately positive or neutral. I hardly ever met any negative reviews. And of course I checked the regulation of HYCM. And since the broker was regulated, the reviews were also good - I decided to give it a chance.
It was even harder for me to choose an account type with a broker. All because it has 3 of them, and each has a different trading conditions. And of course, you want to choose the most profitable account for yourself, so I spent so much time on the choice.
As for the trading conditions, a broker is good here. It has a lot of assets to trade with, 2 trading platforms, and a high speed of orders execution. For some traders, these trading conditions may not be enough. But personally I'm satisfied with HYCM, its trading conditions, and the work in general. So I'm happy that I made this choice a year ago, and I didn't choose any other broker with better trading conditions, but with worse quality of work. Because quality is what matters to me :)

Sep 04 2020 at 17:31
16 комментариев
Fast and secure brokerage that Im tradin already 4 years. If youre looking for a good place to trade. I think thats what you need
only think i dislike - no thematic portfolios.

Aug 27 2020 at 17:05
9 комментариев
I have read a lot of hycm reviews before, but I have never written mine yet. So I decided to do it now.
I opened a account with hycm about a year ago. Before that I worked with not the most pleasant and honest brokers, so I immediately liked this brokerage.
I opened a Classic account, trading conditions at which: floating spreads from 1.2 pips, minimum deposit of $100, minimum trade of 0.01 lot, it is possible to trade through Expert Advisors. I was more than satisfied with such trading conditions and I was happy to start trading with a broker. I also liked the fact that a broker is very serious about withdrawals and stuff. My money always comes on time, their withdrawal is not delayed and the broker doesn't charge any additional commissions.
So, in general, I'm glad that I opened an account with hycm, because it's a pleasure to work with it. In its work there is no scam, hidden intent to deceive you or anything else. This is the most common broker, which has a regulator and a desire to work with its clients for results.

Aug 17 2020 at 17:14
19 комментариев
Working with broker proved to be comfortable. I wouldn't say that the level of my trading somehow increased significantly during the year of working with this brokerage. But it seems to me that it isn't the broker itself, but my trading skills :p lol But all I expect from my brokerage and its work - I get, so I have no complaints to it at all. Of course, the broker has some small flaws in the technical part, but they don't really affect my work, so it doesn't bother me.

Aug 12 2020 at 13:54
18 комментариев
I can honestly say that I feel good here.
Special thanx the forex calculators and other calculation tools. It really makes trading much easier...

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