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Hm, how can uptime possibly be 99.99 % if they go down unexpectedly? My VPS has not gone down in about a year, only lost Internet-connection maybe twice (so I had to restart it myself). See my profile for a link to their website.
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Till now the best VPS service I ever had. They have a prompt service! Very understanding if you have problem.
Once I had a virus and I asked them to re-install my server and it was done promptly at NO charge.
If they do maintenance they always warn you in advance.
Also when they do go down unexpected they sent out an email instantly, so you know that the VPS was down.
End very easy invoicing & payment system you can use moneybookers so no credit card needed.

Never had any negative experience with them.
And up time is really 99.99% in the years I been with them.
Never be greedy, and you get rich while you sleep!
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Good experience with them, Reasonable price. Prompt service.
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Good VPS using Hyper-V virtualisation.
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