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Reasonable monthly/ annual returns
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从……加入成为会员 Jan 14, 2010  2299个发言 Chikot Oct 26 2010 at 17:08
Hello everyone!

I am posting my first topic here as I am struggling to gouge what is that serious investors want?
I have been trading Forex since October 2008 and stopped losing money approximately 6 months after I started. I still trade same money as I deposited in the very beginning.
However I used to have problems with returns. I actually have no idea for how much monthly/ annual returns should I strive to attract serious investors in the future. I am trading 2 accounts here and after being told that 5% is not worth it, i pushed myself and lost all my earnings for 4 months in September and this month only bringing account back up to previous high which is a waste of my time and energy. Thankfully I was more careful on my second account and it was doing fine.
Can experienced guys put me here on right trail? I am not looking for some crazy returns but does 4-6% monthly look really that bad? I simply see some systems strategies here making outlandish returns and it makes me feel like I am under performing.


从……加入成为会员 Aug 01, 2009  941个发言 Elkart (Elkart) Oct 26 2010 at 18:05
5% A month compounds to 70% per year. Double what the second richest man in the world does.

I suspect the dude who told you it's to not enough isn't a trader and probably signed onto whoever is the best con out there.

Don't worry about it. You're doing just fine.

Chang beer is evil.

从……加入成为会员 Jan 14, 2010  2299个发言 Chikot Oct 26 2010 at 18:12
Thank you Elkart. It is really good to hear from you as I have been following local threads and you are in a lot of them, so you must know better :)
Will do my best to keep my average around these numbers.


从……加入成为会员 Aug 01, 2009  941个发言 Elkart (Elkart) Oct 26 2010 at 18:41
Talking a lot doesn't mean I know better. But Buffet does about 30% per annum. You're beating that by a factor of 2.

Thing is not to listen to other people with their own agendas. I assure you your bank manager isn't.

It might be possible to go faster, but not by much and definitely not manually. So you just putter along.

For the record, I'm GrimFd.

Chang beer is evil.

从……加入成为会员 Aug 01, 2009  941个发言 Elkart (Elkart) Oct 26 2010 at 18:52 (最后编辑时间Oct 26 2010 at 18:59 )
Who ever told you that isn't enough is completely unrealistic.

And any fund or trader who does more than that doesn't really require clients. In fact clients quickly become a disadvantage. Where you're at is as good as it gets for investors.

Chang beer is evil.

从……加入成为会员 Jan 14, 2010  2299个发言 Chikot Oct 26 2010 at 18:56
Hi Grim ! Did not expect to see you here :)

I am constantly worried about returns issue. So, your words are rather helpful.
I will feel better about my returns now. Whatever the market gives, thanks a lot.


从……加入成为会员 Jan 14, 2010  2299个发言 Chikot Oct 26 2010 at 19:11
I see. I am actually quite sure that had I had some real money of my own I would have been doing just fine now.
However for managing OPM, I sure need longer trading record. I guess another 4-6 months if everything goes same way is fine.
I am sure my hard work will pay sooner or later.


从……加入成为会员 Aug 01, 2009  941个发言 Elkart (Elkart) Oct 26 2010 at 19:22 (最后编辑时间Oct 26 2010 at 19:25 )
Lol - Why wouldn't I be here?

I think was the first person here. I still have system Nr. 4. I think the other 3 were their testers. By the time FXbook came along I was considering writing analysis EA's to find out what was going on in my accounts. All I did all day was spreadsheets. Sprinted over here fast as I could type.

In my experience if you do well the money will find you.

It is true that yours will disappear in all the noise. Got systems here doing gazillions month, but the clever investor will look past that, they know better. And ideally that's the investor you want, not the guy chasing the gazillions.

Chang beer is evil.

从……加入成为会员 Jan 14, 2010  2299个发言 Chikot Oct 26 2010 at 19:32
I have seen CuongV, KingInvestor and even Mr. Zero and yours truly but all under their usual nicknames. I came to associate you with that jumping elephant and nickname GrimFD so, I did not expect you under other nick :)

I personally do not think that serious investor will be asking for even say 10-20% monthly which is actually quite possible. i would have made 10-15% this month had I closed all positions same time. I was closing half position and let the rest run which it did not. So, I think it is possible but better to keep it safe.

BTW, I see this :' Chang beer is evil' . Do you mean Chinese Chang Cheng ( Great Wall ) beer?


从……加入成为会员 Aug 01, 2009  941个发言 Elkart (Elkart) Oct 26 2010 at 19:54
I meant this Chang:

I won the Chang lottery. Almost put me in hospital. There's something in it that builds up in your body. You have that extra one the fist of god comes down on you. Swore I'll never touch the stuff again.

As for the forums, I'd pretty much given up on them. Which is why I didn't bother with keeping an identity. I wasn't really going to post, but doing the API I had a few questions on O and I been adding here while I used the site for stats, which I don't anymore. The stats wont help much with the new work as fxbook is not NAV based and the volume is to big to send to fxbook.

I had a little reminder yesterday why I quit. And I'm about to quit again. Sad thing is I have so much knowledge to add, but it's just not worth it.

Chang beer is evil.
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