Newbie requesting for advice.

Jun 20, 2017 at 06:19
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Jul 19, 2017 at 04:49
LouAtWork posted:
Hi all,

virgin post.
would like to know if there are any safe brokers for me to trade with?
i am situated in the sunny island of singapore.
appreciate the help.

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of the choice of broker. That a fake or unreliable broker invalidates all the gains acquired through hard work and study is obvious. But it is equally important that your expertise level, and trading goals match the details of the offer made by the broker. So, whatever you are choosing keep those in your mind. This is what I can suggest.
To change your trading result, just change your thinking.
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Aug 31, 2017 at 14:32
The Forex is a market place where the people joining due to getting success very rapidly. But practically the success in Forex is a long term process. Generally the traders always try to make money quickly from here without learning. as a result they become loser when trading practically. So, if you want to be successful from here , you have to keep a great patience first of all.