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4XGreed Micro Account (By 4XGreedMicroLive )



4XGreedMicroLive (4XGreedMicroLive)
Nov 20 2009 at 00:50
Started another Micro Account with a minimal $100.00 Deposit with 1 Aggression settings and .01 lot size as account increased I will also increase lot sizes. Almost doubled in the first 24 hours. Wanted to go the slow route with another micro account and only work with 1 for My aggression settings.

Nov 20 2009 at 01:06
Wow! Very nice EA! Would you mind telling where you got it? 😄

How is FIGfx as a broker? How are their spreads?
According to their website they have: 'No Dealing Desk', 'No Slippage*', '%99.99 No Re-quotes'; sounds too good to be true? 😁

Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop.
4XGreedMicroLive (4XGreedMicroLive)
Nov 20 2009 at 03:20
Probably about 80% on the requotes, spreads are fixed at 1 pip on 7 of the major pairs... Pretty good on customer support and fast turn around on applying wires to accounts.
4xgreed is the EA

4XGreedMicroLive (4XGreedMicroLive)
Nov 23 2009 at 16:32
BTW you can log into another account running as demo here and watch the robot trade in real time:

Login: 101713
Password: 123seeme

Nov 23 2009 at 19:17
do u think this EA will continue to make similar profit % in the coming days?

4XGreedMicroLive (4XGreedMicroLive)
Nov 23 2009 at 20:07
scalping is scalping, going for a few pips will never change the only enemy is requotes...

Nov 25 2009 at 03:36
Hi Martin, is this 4xGreed EA run by you?

BillP (BillP)
Nov 26 2009 at 04:56
I was on the website, talk about a release on Dec 2, then it says 68 days till launch....then you can buy it now and get it within 2 hours....This is very confusing....Can anyone help elaborate?
Is there any way to contact anyone at their website?

Is this for real?

Thank you for anyones response in advance.


"To have more money in the account this Friday than we did last Friday"
Nov 27 2009 at 17:44
Hello Martin Smith,
is this a real-money account at FIGfx ?

There is so much confusion because some call a Demo-account a 'real' account, although 'real' means 'real money account', not demo.

I have opened a real account at FIGfx today to test some EAs, but on the Demo I get no requotes of course.
Therefore I have to test my EAs on the live-account (real = real money) to see what this broker is really doing in terms of requotes.

P.S.: An answer to BillPs question would be welcome too and second question:

Is the greed-EA a copycat of the famous Genius-EA which only works on Demo-accounts but not on real-money-accounts because requotes and slippage turn profitable trades into losing trades ?
In case of GeniusEA: requotes are not handled by the GeniusEA. Each requote ends in a no-trade.
Requotes for active orders end in losses.

4XGreedMicroLive (4XGreedMicroLive)
Dec 01 2009 at 03:15
northtr58 congrats on your real account with FIG, I must say there great... ALthough their site is underway with updates and some functions are still not in place, hopefull this will be resolved in the near future.

In regards to real=live vs real = demo vs real = real. Real=real in my case for this account I have stats being published to.

In regards to FX Genius, I havn't heard of that EA gut it seems to have a catchy name, might have to check it out. This is not Genius.

Heres an attachment for anyone who likes confirmation on a real=real account status.

Hopes this provides some clarity.