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FXi - GateTwo (by Alicefx)

Kampusforex (Alicefx)
Jul 04 2013 at 05:00
Manual trading, with proper risk controlled. trade mostly on major pair such EURUSD, GBPUSD, and XAUUSD. trading based on reversal trend as long term condition, and also breakout strategies based on price level action. trade are using small portion with static lot size based on initial balance, equipped with Stop Loss (SL) 50-70 pips, with take profit minimum are 50, take profit level also based on market current trend, sometimes i will take larger take profit. this signal are best fit to whom seek consistency within their trading result, with a proper risk, fund safety are the major purpose of this trading startegies.

Recomended account balance : 5000 usd, micro account are better, mini lot size are good. if you need to discuss which broker are better to use this strategies you can always contact me and i can provide much more feature. actually any broker are fit, this strategies are softly trade, enter the market based on deep analysis, no lot increasement (martingle, grid or else), non greed system, no worries with Stop Loss are added each trade; secure fund raising. with profit amount average 5 - 30% monthly. further information dont hesitate to contact me via yahoo: fxindikator, skype : fxindikator.

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