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FXOpen - USD (By bestforexea )



bestforexea (bestforexea)
Apr 23 2010 at 03:24
Honest to god...

Yes... I am aware of the probability... and Lovely as my Megan can be for now... it can turn ugly when they can throw fit... (no offences if any females are reading this)

It is for that reason I am only toying this on a nano account. And I don't believe that I will be or am going to put it on a 10k or even 100k account.

It's too expensive. However... I still believe as tbuitendyk rightly put it... It could prove profitable in the right hand. Nope I am not one of them... but I like to think so... :)

I am also in tune with Steve. As that was the assumption I go by when I backtest it. My megan has a grid adjuster. The issue here is that for a particular currency pair... how far it will retrace back.

I had to do a lot of backtesting over 10 years of data and adjusting to see and out of so many currency pair... Only AUDUSD and EURGBP made using megan algorithm. (which is actually Cyborg EA). And recently Blessing where EURCHF manage to trim through the volatility.

Having said that... past performances does not guarantee future profits. 😄 I can only go by or rely on backtesting results and see...

As of this post... My EURGBP is caught in a love triangle. We will see how it ticks.

ForexSeeker (ForexSeeker)
Apr 23 2010 at 05:49
Hello Casey,

FXopen look like a good choice for micro account, but the limitation is can not more than 3k rite ? Else the leverage will change.

I see that your starter lot for EurGbp is 0.02 USD. How come so ? As to make the grid range more wide, we usually start with 0.01, 0.01, 0.02, 0.04. This will widen the range grid but reduce the gain for safety sake.

The original blue print of bless of is just to go in without any indicator using grid 50 pip and hope that the market is not so wild.
So to withstand the wild pip only choice is to increase capital and is costly. If open 13 level, draw down of 700 pip will have a floating -4096 not included margin deposit yet. So a 700 pip safe play will required 12k micro account.

As I don't have Cyborg EA, no idea how it use indicator go in to reduce draw down. But as usual indicator might not alway work, there still got a chance can go wrong.

I like martingale as it is a mathematic money management that you able to calculate on how many pip draw down you will died.
The key to win in martingale is that it must has high ROI in short term of period so you can safe keep your initial capital.
The hit & run strategy is vital in strategy that did not use compounding like martingale. Same as in scalping technique which I used in Kill Bill 5.

Auto Grid Adjuster did appear in Blees 2, which i do back test always fail, but did work on demo, but did fail also after a while.
So you lovely megan also use the ATR method to recalculated grid pips ? I though you using fix grid pip 30.
Stochastic is common use in HollyGrail EA combine with martingale.

So from your experience, what indicator tactic you think Cyborg use to trim down volatility ?

Information is Gold when come to organised.
ForexSeeker (ForexSeeker)
Apr 26 2010 at 23:07
Wrong calculation - 620 pips safe play will required 17k micro account, retrace at 550 pip will gain 2048.
                           Grid level 13 will open at 600 storm pips. 620 pip will have float -5727.

Information is Gold when come to organised.
May 26 2010 at 10:29
Hi Casey - been following your blog for a while.

Any idea of how Lovely Megan compares with the original Cyborg EA or the latest version of Blessing?

I'm currently running Blessing 3.7 against a GoMarkets Nano Account against USD-CHF only and ticking over nice profits. Just wondered what the actual entry strategy you use is for Megan.

bestforexea (bestforexea)
May 27 2010 at 12:13
@daCoops sorry... i have never compared so I am not really sure. The developer of Cyborg have moved away from martingale (i believe) furthermore, the settings I found was base on an idea which I applied and found to be interesting. I did not follow the recommended settings or currency pair from the developer. So I seriously can't say for sure how it defers from the original EA.

As for Blessing... I applied the same idea. However... the forum thread of Blessing is long and with so many variation by the users I really have no way of comparing.

GoMarket has nano account? Did not know that... I can't remember if i have backtested USDCHF for blessing. But I guess I need to try to see.

Megan is just a name I coined for my Martingale experiment... I did some cosmetic adjustment on the codes of Cyborg. Nothing special, I did not change the strategy code.

So wonder no more.... I am just using Cyborg with different settings and Blessing default setting (i think)

Jun 18 2010 at 04:04
Megan Fox is so hot 😇!!

Money makes more money $ ... $$$
pip2cash (pip2cash)
Jun 18 2010 at 04:20
a very consistent return.

Aug 16 2010 at 15:08
Hi Casey - Would you consider selling / sending this EA to me at all? PM me if you are interested and things.

stephanusR (stephanusR)
Sep 29 2010 at 21:46
Why would one place $100 000 with a known scam company. They are regulated by nobody and were outed by forexpeacearmy as frauds. Place no more than $2000 if you must but a $100 000? Why didn't you rather place this with Alpari, unless this account is yet another fabrication, which is more likely.

stevetrade (stevetrade)
Sep 29 2010 at 22:01
Why would anyone put $100,000 on a Martingale system. That's insane

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