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Jim Morrison (ecnscammer)
Nov 26 2010 at 06:31
pipsquick1957 posted:
    You could be 100% right Protrader, but the question that I am asking here is this, he(they) are not selling any EA or system here so nothing to gain there, but are offering managed accounts at a 50/50 split.

What possible benefit could they gain from fabricating all these results(lies) and go and manage a whole bunch of different accounts, and have it all fall apart in a few days at the most?? If anyone was to sign the power of attorney agreement and have them trade there account, the account owner would find out very quickly if it was all a big lie. It probably wouldn't last for more than a day or two before they pulled the plug, after they could easily see that it was losing money, because thats what will happen pretty much right away.

Last Dominic's concept was exactly the same: offering managed account through his completely new website https://www.ecnrobot.com . If you follow this thread: https://www.myfxbook.com/community/trading-systems/ecn-robot-jade-fx-demo/40014,1 you will know how smart Dominic could be. There is point in doing managed accounts although his robot does not work on real account - if you're in alliance with the broker. At the end you lose client's money and then the broker refunds you 1/2 and so on. As you see now that site whose owner pretended not to be Dominic now leads to.... guess where.... https://www.magicfxrobot.com/

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Jim Morrison (ecnscammer)
Nov 26 2010 at 06:36

protraderforex posted:
    Here is the trick. For all guys who talking or looking for the holy Grail.

If this guys are that Good and the EA is that Good. Here is the plan to make billions without even selling signals or EA

1. Start with US$1000 and assuming a compounding effect on the Equity. Then

US$ 1000 ==> US$ 10,000 ==> 100,000 ==> 1,000,000 ==> 10,000,000 ==> 100,000,000 ==> 1,000,000,000

AS you can see , if that EA or signals are correct then in about 7 to 10 Months , those guys should have at least US$ 1 Billion

Therefore Mathematically, the reason they are giving for wanting to sell the signals or EA or have MANAGED Accounts is TOTAL NONSENSE . It is Called the BAIT. Most of us Traders are Greedy by Nature, we try to look for anything that promise heaven or ' Billions' or making profits as first as possible.

As i said before, No one in there right mind would do that. Huge hedge funds with hundreds Ph.D Financial engineers, mathematicians, Physicists and MBAs like KKR, Renaissance Technologies, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan & Many Others have enough Computer Power & Brain Power & High-Frequency Algo Trading to come up with some of the Best Strategies in FX Market. But they would never even mention a single strategy because that is what gives any trader an edge.

NOTE: FX Trading = ZERO-SUM GAME . If you Loose it means someone else won that trade.

1. If they need to Offer Managed accounts -- they need to Provide at least 1 to 3 years of Proven track record
2. They need to provide credible contacts ( both physical & electronic )
3. They need to be registered and regulated by a very credible regulatory body so that you can recover your funds incase they are a big SCAM as i think they might be.

Otherwise Stay as far away from this as possible.

You're the man. You wrote exactly what I was thinking.

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George (pipsquick1957)
Nov 26 2010 at 06:44
protraderforex posted:
    I looked at the Super Scalper History and something stood out. When there is a withdrawal in the Account the OPEN and CLOSE Time are always the same but in his case on the report the CLOSE time for 50,000 is missing. --- There might be your red flag. Unless i am missing something.

I looked at some of the withdrawals of the other SP's and its the same format with only one time for the actual withdrawal, so there is only one time shown and not 2 times as if it were a trade.

Nov 26 2010 at 12:45
I want everybody to check the TP=SL ea as well. Super scalper and TP=SL works the same logical idea. But however Owners don't let people get these eas. One of the big problem with super scalper is spreads. Which broker lets traders use 0 spread or even 1 for GBPUSD. If you know any reliably broker for less spreads let people know. We have been still waiting for menage account rules.

Nov 26 2010 at 15:05
If you look at the system very well, even you could make an EA like this. It must be a very simple strategy, no too much indicators, price action, volatility, market orders (buy and sell), first execution cancel the other and time control 2m after order is triggered. I know of a broker with 0 spread on all currency pairs.

Nov 26 2010 at 15:24
As you can see here https://www.myfxbook.com/help#help_34 myfxbook uses the investor password to get the data directly from the broker. So the trades are not manipulated.
Myfxbook has a list of 235 MT4 brokers to choose from

Nov 26 2010 at 20:53
Instresting enought, they are making money. I would like to know more about the ea if possible.

Jim Morrison (ecnscammer)
Nov 26 2010 at 22:24
I am now 100% sure this is Dominic. I had an answer from Wayne/Aquarius/Dominic:

'Right now I am not selling my super Scalper EA. It's very good, and I am happy making some big money with it, so I don't want to give it away neither for testing nor sell it.
I might consider selling it later to a few serious big traders, but it wouldn't be cheap. Most probably about $5,000.
I know it's expensive, but it really makes lots of money, not like other crap programs out there.'

That text is eactly the same as the text shown(few months ago) on https://www.ecnrobot.com main page. I clearly remember it.
There is no doubt this is Dominic playing his little dirty games with the members here.
Dominic is like the oil diggers - they never give up. And he knows how to do it right. He proved to be master of art.
Now he's teasing all of us to the the point that we start begging him to manage our accounts and I must say he's getting better and mastering his actor skills. It's becoming harder and harder to sniff his style but obviously he still allows few mistakes and he gets revealed again and again and again.

Welcome my friend, you must really hate me.
Last time you put so much efforts in the completely new idea of scamming people through https://www.ecnrobot.com
But then you got exposed, by me. I know it hurts.

I'm now wondering if you've bought an MT4 server licence or using a doctored copy to create this bizzarre statement or you're in alliance with some new shady and unregulated banana republic broker, making plans how to rip off people.

I need your money to buy more drinks and women. Secure investment.
Nov 27 2010 at 00:42
anyone can point to a safe strategy that makes 10-20% a month ? We should be focusing on such strategies only. Everything else is excessive!

Nov 27 2010 at 01:27
Weldon Jim Morrison , I cant stop laughing after reading ur post about crooks , I know it is not laughing stuff ,i AM A DOCTOR FROM uk .When i was new to forex .I had similar experince and lost money to another crook .Showed his cents account(20000, 200 dollars ) as dollar account and cheated me .I have handed my 20 k real dollar account he has blown account in no time