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James Meilak


名字 James Meilak

I have taken an interest in Forex for about 5 years.

Having tried numerous different strategies, for years i never really found consistency in my trading.

It was a slow learning process, but after about 3 months of formulating my own strict technical algorithms and backtesting them thoroughly i have finally uncovered a profitable system for not just the currency markets, but also oil and gold.

I will continue to work on strategies for other markets including cryptocurrency, other metals and indexes.

Daily time frame only.
I spend 20 minutes each night looking at news events for the next trading day as i will avoid trading certain pairs during certain events.

I spend 20 minutes every morning before the close of the daily candle looking for trades and determing position size, stop loss and take profit.

Once trades are opened, i let them do their thing and don't micro manage positions. I follow my plan as i know it is profitable over time.

I ensure my maximum risk per trade is 2% of my account and i have no more than 3% risked in one currency at any particular time.

consistency has no limits

经验 1-3 年

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註冊 May 17 2018 at 14:19

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