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姓名 johnchin29

Manager of MAM and also trader of HFT
Aims to achieve ROI per month 20 % to 40% per month

Have achieved more than 200 % to 300 % per month with real account track record.

Interested in investing?

Email us on [email protected]
skype bluesapphirefx
(Client must accept our draw down policy before investing, read below)

BlueSapphire MAM / PAMM
Minimum Deposit: $ 3,000 to 5,000 USD
Estimated ROI: 10-25% a month
Target ROI: 15% a month
Estimated Max Draw down: 15%
MAM Max DD Target: 10%
Leverage required: 1:100 or higher
Broker Commission: $7 per Round Turn Lot
(No Rebates available for MAM)

MAM/PAMM Performance Fee:
 50% of monthly high watermark net profit.
 [ can negotiate for higher deposit amount ]

All the performance fee we receive will be reinvest in the system/mam/pamm or used to cover our running cost such as our dedicated servers & office.

Our Partners / Brokers:

We have 2 profitable system, both of which have the following criteria:

- Entry based on Price Action
- NO GRID! (Max position: 2 to 5 per currency pair)
- NO Basket Trading! (Each trade is independent)
- NO trades carried over the weekend
- Dynamic TP/SL
- Clever News Filtering (Some news are good for our system)
- Monthly Volatility Analysis (Trading hours are adjusted if needed based on monthly volatility for each pair)
- Semi Automated (Regular optimisations are made to adapt to changing markets)
- Trades are closed daily
- Manual intervention + Monitoring
- Strict Money Management (Max 10 to 15% DD target)

All trades have a tight stop loss.
Stop loss & Take Profit are hidden from clients on MAM but are visible on the master account.

Also we do daily micro management in terms of risk adjustments and news filtering.

This is not a fully automated system!

There is no such thing as a profitable long term fully automated system.

We try our best to adapt to changing markets through switching hours/trading pairs and adjusting risk/money management.

Our Drawdown Policy:
We follow strict guidelines set by our brokers, and private equity firms we trade for.

This includes max risk per trade, max target DD, max positions, and trade duration.

Our systems & risk management is constantly being improved after each significant draw-down over 10%, so that the same event if encountered again will produce a lower draw-down.

Our target max draw down is 15%.
This max 15% DD is not guaranteed but we will do our best to stay under this target.

We have invested large sum of our own capital into the same system as well so it is in our best interest to maintain a low draw down below 15%.



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Systems by johnchin29

姓名 收益 缩减 交易 杠杆率 类型
Consistent growth # 4 - 204 101.98% 8.48% 1485.1 自动的 1:100 真实
Super Scalper 478 4.63% 49.98% 67.0 自动的 1:500 真实
Super Scalper 227 144.58% 44.18% 61942.7 自动的 1:400 真实
Super Scalper 172 1.35% 3.69% 3158.0 自动的 1:1000 真实
Super Scalper 939 298.95% 18.42% 606.9 自动的 1:2000 真实
Super Scalper 026 163.49% 23.31% 3185.4 自动的 1:100 真实
Super Scalper # 094 439.92% 73.56% 16422.6 自动的 1:100 真实
Super Scalper 271 113.06% 41.95% 23955.3 自动的 1:100 真实
Super Scalper 362 32.09% 11.17% -3374.4 自动的 1:1000 真实
Super Scalper 256 115.32% 59.18% 21828.9 自动的 1:1000 真实
Super Scalper 714 11.61% 25.24% 221.1 自动的 1:1000 真实