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I am investing via Axiory PAMM Multitrader for 4 months now, I must say that the results are very much in line with the results showing in their web page. The sign up process was smooth and easy, my account was activated within a timely manner.
Their client support is excellent, probably one of the best I've ever used.
The fact that they use APEX and that they are in the process of getting the MiFID regulation makes me sleep better at night...
the Multitrade systems work fine and are profitable, but withdrawal options are TOTALLY terrible with this broker:

You can only use wire transfer which costs $40 + receiving bank fees and takes 3 days to process. On top of that you have to fill out a form, print it and send it to them!

The other way is to use a credit card which costs $16 to set up and has monthly maintenance fees.

I have questioned this broker repeated times about other withdrawal options, and they kept promising to add other ones, but so far nothing has happened. 😈
For me as a forex trader it was quite difficult to let other people trade my money. But to diversificate I just wanted to do it. And I think I have found good strategies which work fine for me. I think everybody can find a trading system which he or she will be satisfied with. And the support works well too. And now after Apex came in... nothing to worry about:-) Enjoy
I am glad that I can invest through Axiory. My trading accounts are growing little by little every day thanks to the top Multitraders. Additionally, the support of Axiory is prompt all the time. I can really recommend the services of this brokerage.
I am new in a Forex, and I was not sure about the security of my investments but Axiory prooved that they really take it serious and they allowed third party company APEX to oversee their finance which I didnt find anywhere else.
I use their PAMM as client and I am really satisfied. It´s very reliable company.
I have opened a managed account with Axiory. It took me a few minutes to fill out the forms. Within less than 24 hours I had my account number. Funding my account via credit card was my choice and by using Algo Charge my account was funded in less than 2 days. I was so impressed with the performance of the V9Direct system - just more than 15% within 30 days that I opened another account for trading a different system.

I am a successful forex trader myself for about 8 years now, but I cannot show the same performance on my own accounts as I do not have the time to watch charts all day, that is why I decided to test this service. First it was difficult for me to let someone else trade my money but after a while I decided to just leave it to them - after all - that is why I am paying them a performance fee!

I must say I enjoy looking at the account and see how it slowly grows and grows every day. I don't have to worry about a stop loss any more, and after the performance fee was deducted I still had just over 10% of profit left after one month!

Their support is excellent, David Varga contacts me regularly and it is nice to talk to a human and not just “Support”. I have opened another account to trade a different strategy, the second funding took only a few hours before the money displayed in the account.
A big attraction is the credit card that they offer. I already have a Payoneer credit card and it works all over the world. I plan to withdraw my profits into my credit card and use it to pay for a holiday.

I will report back about the performance in a few months time.
Protecting your capital is the first priority!
Realy satisfied. I am using their MAM system with different type of allocation. It is much better than competitive PAMM with only one type of allocation.
great, absolutely satisfied