PU Prime Launches Prop Trading

PU Prime | 103 days ago

Award-winning forex broker PU Prime is thrilled to unveil its latest offering, the PU Prop Trading program, a cutting-edge proprietary trading initiative set to redefine the trading landscape. This program combines market-leading trading infrastructure with a fuss-free assessment process, letting skilled traders access the capital they deserve. 

To access risk-free capital of up to a total of $400,000, traders first need to register for PU Prop Trading’s assessment process, where they will pay a nominal one-time fee to go through two stages of trading, the Challenge and Evaluation, and meet trading criteria such as avoiding a maximum drawdown, hitting a profit target, and meeting the minimum required number of trading days. 

By meeting these criteria, traders will be deemed eligible to be a PU Trader, where they will join a community of elite traders in getting access to funds from the PU Prop Trading program. At this stage, the firm will pay out 80% of the profits from every trading cycle. 

With PU Prime as the supporting platform provider, participants in PU Prop Trading’s program will get to enjoy all the benefits of being assessed by a prop firm that is seamlessly integrated with its broker partner, ensuring high levels of customer service on both the trading and assessment aspects of forex prop trading.

Meanwhile, PU Prop Trading’s participants also get to enjoy the razor-thin spreads and top-tier execution that PU Prime is known for, as well as 24-hour customer support for both trading platform and account issues. 

To access this exciting new opportunity, traders can visit https://bit.ly/48M2mJK for more information on becoming a proprietary trader with PU Prime.


Regulation: FSA (Seychelles), FSCA (South Africa)
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