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EA Artificial Intelligence In Strategies by dfransozi - 22 minutes ago
How it's possible 1 loss only !!More data and track record required for consistency indicator.
HD14700* In Trading Systems by HD1470 - 1 Hour ago
Should you place a stop loss in trading? In General by WhiteWitcher - 2 hours ago
Oh, I see that the stop loss theme is like a conspiracy theory theme. So many opinions and debates. I believe so, if you have doubts about trading, put sl.If you believe that you will earn 99%, don’t put sl. lol.
Profit / loss analysis and trading talks In General by WhiteWitcher - 2 hours ago
Oh, if we have already talked about stop loss. I know other theory about SL. The more often you put a stop loss, the more often it works and you lose. 😄😄😄Do I agree with this? Yes and no. But now SL more often saves me from big losses. lol In Brokers by ready - 8 hours ago
Philippine Central Bank Simplifies FX Regulations ... In New Traders by wikifxreynan - 10 hours ago
The Philippine central bank's new FX regulations streamline investment processes, eliminating bureaucratic hurdles and fostering a more attractive environment for foreign investors.The Philippine central banks monetary board has approved significant amendments to foreign exchange (FX) regulations, aiming to simplify the process for foreign...
MM Huracan In Trading Systems by TB123 - 11 hours ago
Hello MMare you available to discuss this option please. thank you
Market Fighter In Trading Systems by JoshuaEigbe - 12 hours ago
If I were to restart the robot, would it abandon trades it opened before the restart
ManuuEA In Trading Systems by Trekkafara67 - 12 hours ago
hi, wow, this is amazing. Do you sell this EA?
Forex and Yield Spreads: Decoding Their Impact on ... In New Traders by wikifxreynan - 13 hours ago
Learn how yield spreads influence forex trading, using EUR/USD as a case study. Discover the key factors driving currency value shifts.Forex traders often find themselves relying heavily on the link between currency values and interest rate fluctuations. The idea is simple: when interest rates are high, investors from other countries are more ...
PFAalgoMINI In Trading Systems by dim7968 - 13 hours ago
* По вопросам копирования сигнала, пишите в личные сообщения.* For questions about PFA-signal copying, write in private messages.
Rupee off record low on likely intervention... In New Traders by wikifxreynan - 15 hours ago
Abstract:MUMBAI, April 19 (Reuters) - The Indian rupee recovered after slipping to a record low on Friday, onMUMBAI, April 19 (Reuters) - The Indian rupee recovered after slipping to a record low on Friday, on likely intervention by the central bank and comments by an Iranian official that there was no missile attack on the country.The rupee w...
Seagull EA In Trading Systems by hurrikhane - 16 hours ago
HiWhat are you offering? What is the cost? What is the starting balance required?
Guardian Albatross (steady profit) In Trading Systems by nyer15 - 20 hours ago
the market has been very slow for my liking. It is what it is. Nothing changed in my algo
Moneta Markets In Brokers by Paulo0901 - 20 hours ago
Gostei bastante do layout por ser simples e intuitivo, além da segurança dos dados!
Lite Finance In Brokers by Saeed3R - Yesterday at 12:13
GBPUSD In Experienced Traders by Chibobo - Yesterday at 11:14
I'm seeing a long time trend in GBPUSD price have break the latest high and still on top of the trend
Gold Reversal 2K Exness In Trading Systems by GoldReversalAVG - Yesterday at 08:56
Can follow on exness social
BTX SCLAPER In Trading Systems by BoyTraFX - Yesterday at 08:31
Why Japan have successful In General by Fx_challenger - Yesterday at 00:56
In my opinion, one of the reasons for their success is trading in their own country's currency, they are very aware of the conditions affecting the value of their national currency.