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Vibrix Group In Trading Systems by ButcherFX - 1 minute ago
Vibrix Group In Trading Systems by ButcherFX - 13 minutes ago
Signale falsch interpretiert? In Experienced Traders by elcapitan340 - 49 minutes ago
Hallo zusammen,Ich bin bei einer „Signal Gruppe“ registriert und mir ist aufgefallen, dass deren Signale immer genau andersrum laufen, d.h. Wenn Signal „Buy“ lautet, passiert genau das Gegenteil. Wer war auch schonmal in einer solchen „Signalgruppe“? Wer kann mir von ihren Erfahrungen berichten?Danke und lie...
Can you make a living trading? Yes In General by Francis Zendar - 1 Hour ago
Not selfpraising, you can always copy my trades. About to upload a MAM account with over 9months history any moment.Just busy trading, I love this site.
Forex Broker Recommendations? In New Traders by GabrielaYST22 - 1 Hour ago
I am an owner of trading account with ICmarkets, and I am quiet happy with the results. I am using risk management and raw spread account, to me this is suitable, but maybe because I have experience with working for a broker and I am aware of the little tricks that normally are used.
Break even formula wanted In General by WhiteWitcher - 1 Hour ago
Oh you can calculate it online. I do not remember the website, but there was the online calculation. You can google it. lol.
Trend Judgment In General by WhiteWitcher - 1 Hour ago
Oh I use MA sometimes. Sometimes it helps me when making an analysis.
VPS Forex Trader In VPS Services by Adamandeve - 1 Hour ago
Excellent provider. No unscheduled shutdowns for the two years I've rented at them.
How to Start Forex Trading? In New Traders by AdomKutler - 2 hours ago
to start a Forex trading is not e big deal , the main deal is how to survive successfully.
LUX In Trading Systems by WhiteWitcher - 2 hours ago
How did you change your risk management? Did you recalculate? Or do you have a risk analysis program?
Does anyone need the help of a novice AI Programme... In Programming by Freddie69 - 2 hours ago
Programming is a very tough job.
Trading platform In General by Davidfx89 - 2 hours ago
both are good MT4 and MT5 , just choose your trading platform according to your trading understanding.
Vibrix In Trading Systems by Chicco911 - 3 hours ago
I used 4x Charts.. M15 M15 M30 H1 different risk levels lot 0.05Most aggressive M15 all risks in lot 0.05
Best Broker? In Experienced Traders by Parker09 - 3 hours ago
I recommend FP Markets as a trustworthy broker. They feature a $100 AUD minimum starting balance and cheaper commission charges.The other big reason I recommend them is that their spreads are often 0.0 pips for the majority of my trades.
Money Management Tips In General by Parker09 - 3 hours ago
Money management is very important to me in forex trading, so I usually use the smallest position size of 0.01 lot in my FP Markets trading account.I've had a poor experience trading with a larger position size since the price movement is rapid and unexpected.
What is copytrading like as a signal provider? In General by Imamul - 4 hours ago
any kind of result from copy trading is just all about for short time approach , not a permanent issue at all.
Manual VS Automatic trading In Experienced Traders by Phillischeng - 5 hours ago
You can do both, there's no conflicts.
ACT Trader In Trading Platforms by MaximilianLeh321 - 5 hours ago
Came across this trading platform quite recently with one of the forex brokers. Turns out that this platform has an immense experience on the market, like a couple of decades or so.Not only that there is a huge database of various custom indicators and expert advisors also. Somehow got used to the fact that custom software is only about MT pla...
AGI EA V.1.1_REAL ACCOUNT 1 In Trading Systems by leo23 - 5 hours ago
To buy a copy of the EA , visit our website: Contact email: [email protected]
AAAFx In Brokers by Francisca33 - 7 hours ago
After trading with different brokers for over 2-3 years, I have found that aaafx is one of the brokers that I still continue to trade with, one of the reason is that they are well regulated and’ve got perfect trading conditions.