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Bio :
Low interest in 2017 lead me to stock trading instead of letting my cash rot. Wish it hadn't. This lead me to CFD/forex trading. Wish it hadn't. Well, I increasingly love it, but it cost me dearly.

The elephant in the porcelain store is dead now, though. Slow and steady. Manifest probability instead of gambling.

I'm still a beginner, but I feel some momentum. I know that good fortune will eventually come to me - on all fronts. Forex trading is one of the best metering devices, for my level of good fortune and for my diminishing delusions regarding reality.

Obchodní styl :
Scalping, swing trading, and probably soon others. 99% technical. Until I get around to deciphering the damn COT report and understand economic events better.

Motto :
Priority 1 in your life should be to find out what priority 2 is.

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Zaregistrovaný May 09 2018 at 18:12

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my tiny FXTM ECN live account -15.40% 33.34% -432.7 Ručně 1:30 Reálný
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my tiny FXTM standard live account 18.69% 0.23% 505.8 Ručně 1:30 Reálný