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Low interest in 2017 lead me to stock trading instead of letting my cash rot. Wish it hadn't. This lead me to CFD/forex trading. Wish it hadn't. Well, I increasingly love it, but it cost me dearly.

The elephant in the porcelain store is dead now, though. Slow and steady. Manifest probability instead of gambling.

I'm still a beginner, but I feel some momentum. I know that good fortune will eventually come to me - on all fronts. Forex trading is one of the best metering devices, for my level of good fortune and for my diminishing delusions regarding reality.

Scalping, swing trading, and probably soon others. 99% technical. Until I get around to deciphering the damn COT report and understand economic events better.

Priority 1 in your life should be to find out what priority 2 is.

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Name Gewinn Drawdown Pips Trading Hebel Typ
my tiny FXTM ECN live account -15.40% 33.34% -432.7 Manuell 1:30 Real
my tiny FXTM cent live account -14.40% 1.10% -3572.0 Manuell 1:30 Real
my tiny FXTM standard live account 18.69% 0.23% 505.8 Manuell 1:30 Real

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