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Forex Contest FIXI Markets

May 30 2018 at 06:23
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Hi...I tried to enter in account MT4 Fixi Market, I've a problem to connect MT4 to a Market.... can you help me?

vgb (v1439)
May 30 2018 at 06:27
4 Posts
I received credentials. Please check your spam folders as well.

bibinayereh (5395285)
May 30 2018 at 09:51
1 Posts
hi i riggested for fixi market contest please chek my login credentials

May 30 2018 at 09:51
1 Posts
Hi, cabrinss365!, I think, you can connect when start of the race

May 30 2018 at 09:55
20 Posts
Check the registration form, it takes a long time to load and shows 'try again later'

May 30 2018 at 09:56
1 Posts
Where can i download MT4 Platform from?

May 30 2018 at 17:38
45 Posts
And I Haven't received my credentials yet.

This contest is a mockery

May 31 2018 at 06:04
20 Posts
Check the registration form!!!
'try again later'

May 31 2018 at 06:04
1 Posts
I didn't receive the credentials and the contest begin at monday, please send me the credentials

May 31 2018 at 06:04
1 Posts
hi, everyone...sorry for late reply..for those who already registered fixi markets contest just install MT4 and then login detail with password to server fiximarkets-demo.. i'm already connect to mt4..just try again ok..

May 31 2018 at 06:06
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May 31 2018 at 06:09
11 Posts
Hey guys, I can imagine how frustrating some of the things may be, I also struggled a little at first but at least their support team was instantly available and deeply thorough upon which I requested for to be executed.

Credentials get send by email, of course, assuming it might take some time from time to time due to heavy overload on servers which can happen with any company.

The link to download the MT4 platform(direct download link):

Hope this helped a little. Happy trading,may the best trader win :)

May 31 2018 at 06:10
1 Posts
Hi am i able to use MT5 instead of MT4 for my competition account? I couldnt see anywhere in the rules that says not to.

May 31 2018 at 06:26
6 Posts
Search for 'FixiMarkets-Demo'.
I don't know, why it was a problem to put this message into the email and why myfxbook didn't mentioned that a mail from another service partner (fixi) would arrive (so look in spam folder)...

May 31 2018 at 07:54
110 Posts
giangynote (giangynote)
May 31 2018 at 09:54
2 Posts
hi all i have download mt4 and put the credential and select the demo server.....its normal before competition start that i cant see the charts? 😲

rbalon (monk999)
May 31 2018 at 09:54
1 Posts
I havent receieved my credentials in email

moaz hassan (mo3az)
May 31 2018 at 09:56
1 Posts
I have not yet received my password or account number

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