The recent trend of silver shows that silver's performance in 2021 is obviously better than gold's, which is also one of the important factors for us to insist that the precious metal market is still good!

Earlier, the article mentioned that in the obvious bear market, silver's decline is growing. Only in the relatively ideal bull market trend, silver will have a more brilliant performance!

Of course, the current relative strength is also related to the poor start-up and running time of gold and silver itself. The time and space for silver to rise is far behind that of gold. This is conducive to silver in the market adjustment to maintain a strong flexibility!

We expect that the important bottom signal of this round of precious metals will be the short-term (within the next two months) silver's obvious rapid strength, which will end in a week. Specific low prices are not easy to predict, but in extreme cases, the important support of last September and November (US $22) may be tested. The greater probability is that the adjustment will end at a price higher than the above level, and the construction at the bottom will be completed!