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Mikaels Demo (Spackelspade)
Jun 30 2015 at 14:32
53 Posts
When the physical banks slamming doors rushing Greeks to electronic currency Bitcoin

Jun 30 2015 at 14:58
372 Posts
The EURUSD continues conditioned by the theme Greece. The Government will not repay the 1600 mn to the IMF regarding the payments scheduled for June.

Jun 30 2015 at 19:03
1117 Posts
EUR/USD failed to break above 1.1250, bounced off the resistance at that level, moving to the downside again. It's currently testing the support at 1.1140. Should it break below that support it will likely continue towards 1.1030.

Jun 30 2015 at 19:34
413 Posts
EUR/USD found good support at the 1.1140 level to day but with the unsolved case for the Greece, the pair will not hold over it.

Jun 30 2015 at 19:59
87 Posts
EURUSD will range untill Sunday. But global trend is down.

Anios FX Ltd (Inari)
Jun 30 2015 at 19:59
42 Posts
Interesting day - lots of volatility and the Eur/Usd moving down as reality starts to take hold at last...

And interesting comments by the Germans - cancel the referendum as a precursor to talks - so much for democracy
This shows how much fear the Eurozone cronies have of people power


Anios FX Ltd (Inari)
Jun 30 2015 at 20:01
42 Posts
So as expected no extension for Greece and some new proposals to be delivered by Greece and discussed tomorrow afternoon

So whether you call it a default or a delay it looks like it is happening


Jun 30 2015 at 22:41
39 Posts
Hah, reading your comments Inari makes me think right away you must be British... such a one-sided negativity towards the EU (Germany?).

Anyway it was an interesting day. Greece missed the payment to the IMF, as expected, but they key will be it payment back to ECB and EFSF. From what I read today missing the ECB payment will automatically trigger a cross-default and Greece will be a goner for sure. Although unusual, there is a grace period of 60-90 days or so on the IMF loan and still negotiations are, apparently possible.

The key will be if indeed the euro will move down lower. It was expected that Greece will have to restructure (or default at worst) its debt sooner or later, so I think before it dips below 1.10 in the long term there could be nasty short squeeze.

Hugo ONeill (honeill)
Jul 01 2015 at 09:00
1141 Posts
On yesterday session EURUSD fell as expected on a narrow range day and closed near the low of the day, creating an inside day. The currency is trading within a daily resistance from 1.1237 down to 1.1097. A breakout below the 1.1097 might trigger a selloff down to the 1.0955 a Fibonacci retracement (50.0).

"I trade to make money not to be right."
Jul 01 2015 at 09:38
675 Posts
EUR recorded a decrease against the dollar on Tuesday. The session started at a price of 1.1234, then went down and reached the lowest level for the day at 1.1118. At the end of the day the pair finished at a price of 1.1142 and if the euro continued to move down the target will be the first support located at 1.0953.

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