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I want only a safe 4% each month... Which EA?? Thank you

Feb 20 2013 at 06:37
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FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Feb 20 2013 at 08:29
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maxpro_vn posted:

See this

Contact me if you are interested.


Your strategy's max. DD is too big in relation to the average monthly profit. For me any DD (even floating DD) larger than 25% is a 'red flag'. Otherwise nice.

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FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Feb 20 2013 at 12:25
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forexpipcatcher posted:
Have you any clue to what ouliers are?
I teach these kind of things daily! Your problem is random sampling over a population which there does not exit any consistent pattern. Although fools think they detect a pettern only to learn later it's a misconception.
Programmers are not talented otherwise they would be professional traders making money lol. They are talented scammers out to get anyones money, that is what they ecel at, as for Malcoms Bullshitwells I don't read any losers achievements or I will end up like them. However I will read something from someone with a proven track record i.e has a fortune made from trading etc not someone pretending to have known another with a fortune from trading like 99% of scammers say they have.

I wouldn't mind seeing your MT4 statement (just the analysis table). That would if analysed correctly show statistically your chances of survival over an extended period of time and if your MM dampens your chances of success as time approaches infinity.

To forexpipcatcher:

I disagree with the statement that Gladwell's sampling (in his book 'Outliers') was random, as he had selected the most successful people from all walks of life (definitely not a random sampling), and he tried to find the common feature of success among them. Which he did find.

So even though his study was not representative and scientifically speaking solid (i.e. it was mainly an observational study of the most successful people), his findings are very interesting and thought provoking.

On the other hand, I agree with your statement that we should emulate only those traders who have a proven track record and already made a fortune. On the other hand, MyFxBook is not the likely place to find them. For that purpose one should become a golf-club member in the Hamptons, Miami Beach, Marbella (Spain), St. Tropez (France) or in Monaco.

Should we make a fortune on Forex, probably we would be sipping Dom Perignon or Hennessy Paradis with the other rich guys in one the above golf-clubs and not writing comments in this blog...

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Feb 20 2013 at 13:08
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Now agree with you but every now and then someone very successful comes along here lol and uses this site for a speacial reason not neccessarily to chat with others. Get your system working as best as you can and write me an email and see where it takes you. As for the rich send me a private message and I'll show you what they will invest in.

fxnetdot (fxnetdot)
Feb 20 2013 at 17:53
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I am a certified Technical Analyst and have managed funds over $5m for more than 6 years now with average profits of 27% per annul and account with 10-15% per month.

This is Demo but i mirror trade on Real account too... for security reasons i cannot show the Real account (i know that does not help my cause but that's how it is) anyway, if interested i trade based on following rules:

 - Daily and 1 hour time frames
 - Technical Analysis for entry/exit points
 - System based on 70-80% probabilities
 - max DD 15%
 - Risk/ration minimum 1:1
 - Position builder
- Money management based on simple mathematics that work, in case i make 10 trades and i am wrong 5 times i will still be in profit
- Conservative trading (no more than 1.5% risk per trade, unless account is above 15% profit)

Contact me for more info

FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Feb 20 2013 at 18:22
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Yes, and I am 'certified' Winnie the Pooh... 'I know that does not help my cause' that I cannot prove it, 'but that's how it is'...

You are so-so funny...! You could have set up a 100 USD real account and hide the details of the trade... But why to bother? It is easier to show a DEMO account with 2 WEEKS of history and recruit naive traders with such a promotional text...

It is also funny that your name (wwwfxnetdotcom) leads to the page of a BROKERAGE... You should have had more fantasy (Costas)...

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Feb 20 2013 at 20:21
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Winniw the Pooh :)))) LOL

pipgenerator (pipgenerator)
Feb 21 2013 at 05:16
33 Posts Check this system. You can get more than 4% in a month. Only 4% is foolish. Thank you

To become a good account manager.
Feb 21 2013 at 06:16
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pipgenerator posted: Check this system. You can get more than 4% in a month. Only 4% is foolish. Thank you

DEMO DEMO DEMO I love seeing the demo heros... if your crappy system was any good you would have wagered your house on it dingalingggggg... face reality the fact thats in demo means zero confidence and you're looking for suckers to lose their money instead of you!

amitjamuda (amitjamuda)
Feb 21 2013 at 10:20
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Jome82 posted:
I want a safe 4% each month...
Which EA?? Thank you

I can do that for you manually.

Make profit everyday.
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