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Are we just plain scared to trade the lower time frames in forex trading?

Ezekiel Chew (asiaforexmentor1)
Apr 06 2012 at 08:32
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Are we just plain scared to trade the lower time frames in forex trading?

Are we just plain scared?
Here’s the fact:
Most of the full time forex traders out that trade the HIGHER Time Frame.
Not the 1min, the 5 min, the 15min or the 30min.
Most people have the misconceptions that to be successful in forex, the trader must trade the lower time frame.
Hell NO!
In fact its the newbies that trade the lower time frame and the professionals that trade the higher time frame! lol..
New guys who enter the forex market thinking that they could make a killing in it within minutes. But to realise that it is not as easy as it seems yea?!
Like every pair, the lower the time frame, the higher the volatility.
Now with that kind of volatility, it really takes years of experience to do those shit.
If one started off with the 5 min chart, i can’t tell you how many times will his/her account blow before they even realised what hit them.
Start off with the higher time frame Eg. the daily chart. Which has way lower volatility than the 5 min chart.
If one cannot even conquer the daily chart, what makes them think they can conquer the 5 min chart?
And now for those who had mastered the daily chart, the pips are good, the lifestyle is good as little screen time is needed.
Do you think they will crack their brain cells to go down the 5 min time frame?
Forex Trading is like a GAME.
Higher time frame = Easy Mode
Lower the time frame = Difficulty level increases.
But here’s the catch, there’s no reward for playing the Difficult mode compared to the Easy mode.
The profits you get will NOT be higher. But your white hair will grow faster due to the high speed stress and reaction involved in the lower time frame.
So Now Its your choice to choose the Difficulty level in playing the Forex Game…
Talk soon,
Ezekiel Chew

Apr 06 2012 at 09:47
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that's very true.
it is very hard to day trade in FX on lower time frames. Firstly losses can come fast and furious. Not everyone can manage this psychologically and considering leverage used account can be blown quickly. 1-2% risk rule per trade I think is mostly right for longer term trading when it comes to day trading it must be way lower cause losing streak can happen quickly unlike in longer term trading.
Another point why FX day trading is so hard is the lack of true volume information. Unlike stocks there is no information regarding volume and orders. Generally speaking you can see very bullish formation and market advancing but as you see no volume you might take long on low volume not knowing this.
The true reason as to why people day trade is a lack of patience. They think they need to be able to trade every day while it is not true. I myself felt same but changing my outlook. With enough patience it is much safer and more profitable to wait for right moments and trade then. Some firms that trade OPM says no overnight position but it is BS. when market starts moving from higher time frame signal and stop is in place it is much safer than day trading and opening closing many trades on intra day basis.
Generally speaking learning to trade higher time frames is about learning to wait which is what I am doing myself now.

Steve Walker
Apr 06 2012 at 09:58
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Hi Ezekiel,
good question but partially wrong answer.

when you start a new job you start from bottom, from the most noisy level. when you get experienced you can get a silent office room means higher time frames with low noise.
when you start trading you should start from 1 min chart and get experienced. then you can move upper time frames.

if a newbie start with daily or 1H chart it will take ages to learn how to trade. To learn, trader should trade and lost.
you are wright about that newbies think that they can wipe out market with 1 min chart in weeks. I was thinking the same way 5 years ago.
but surly it did not happen that way.

new traders should start trading with lower time frame then should increase it.

most of the traders start trading with 1H chart. due 1H is a very common time window and most of the trade platforms default chart time frame is 1H. So trader finding himself trading with it. Which is wrong!


PipAddiction (Supranium)
Dec 02 2012 at 17:05
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I scalp on M1 every day. Not scary if u get used to it.
Dec 07 2012 at 09:38
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I've been a scalper for a long time and it's more exciting that trading the long time frames... but this is just me.
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