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WHO trades forex for more than 10 years and keeps making regular profits

Jul 04 2018 at 06:59
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I would like to ask if there is a forex trader more than 10 years old and still generate regular profit here ?
I'm sorry to ask this
because I see the portfolio of several forex winners here on other contests they lose a lot, inconsistent
my opinion for long term 100% forex traders must have lost
therefore many brokers give a lot of bonuses
please let me know if my opinion is wrong

SCR Traders (Pikasso)
Jul 08 2018 at 08:58
168 Posts
I am in forex industry more than 10 years but make profit steadily for the last 6 years only.

Trading system developers and strategy providers.
Jul 09 2018 at 05:35
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Thank you Sir
You have motivated me to learn forex trading

Jul 10 2018 at 10:10
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Aug 17 2018 at 00:07
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I have been trading for eight years. Been making money consistently for last 4 years. I only see that number increasing as I cant see myself lose money again.

Aug 17 2018 at 12:42
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A lot of people do, in my opinion. The longer one trades, the more consistent one's profits should become.

ATG (Arunthegreat)
Aug 20 2018 at 07:26
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I am into forex for 15 years. I have lost many . But making consistent profits in recent years and doing portfolio management. You can check my account if interested. Thanks.

Aug 20 2018 at 11:18
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I have great admiration for people who have managed to continue trading for that long. You've learned and you've improved and you've gained the experience, I only hope I manage to follow your example.

Aug 20 2018 at 14:47
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trading since 2007 and doing good

Aug 21 2018 at 06:00
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My business partner has been trading for over 15 years and she has very consistent profits

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