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Classic books about forex

Nov 18 2016 at 07:55
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Please explain 'TA'

The differenece between who your are and who you would like to be be is what you do
Nov 18 2016 at 08:45
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Technical Analysis... ok 😁
I didn´t sleep long last night 😉

The differenece between who your are and who you would like to be be is what you do
Nov 22 2016 at 14:42
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To me it's quite interesting how many time per day or week we spend on reading new books and articles about trading. I know it is very important at the beginning when we learn to trade but then we can keep reading new materials to stay tuned with latest developments. I try to spend at least 2 hours a week in reading about the industry.

Nov 22 2016 at 14:43
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Dove_Services posted:
martinkolbe posted:
@Dove_Services Thank you for your selection of books! It sounds quite interesting and promising. I would disagree on the TA part you mentioned as this is also a valuable aspect and ignoring it will simply cut part of your view to the markets. But it's up to everyone to decide whether to use technical analysis or not.

I don't believe I advocated ignoring TA in trading. The fact is I am a technical trader by choice from the beginning when I started in this business 16 years ago by obtaining a diploma in technical analysis from the Australian Technical Analysts Association. TA and trading though integrally bound are in effect different streams and in my journey I found eventually less is more. I don't use any indicator other then a couple of moving averages but rely on price action, EW for market structure and median lines for turns and exit points. Having said that, trade psychology is my biggest challenge not technical.

Good to hear the opinion of someone that has a university background in technical analysis! Your advice to use less indicators is very important!

Mar 22 2017 at 07:17
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You can find unlimited number of books, which will provide the basic information on Forex trading, but only when you find the book you will notice will not only read, it is a world that requires dedication and constancy.

The 10 books of Forex are:

1. 'Mastering the Trade' by John F. Carter, At first it may be difficult to understand especially for those who have no knowledge of Forex, so the book goes straight to its main topic.2

2. 'Forex Day Quote Day' by Kathy Lien, leading strategist for an on-line currency broker for the world, showing variety of techniques and strategic for-profit fundamentals for Forex trading.

3. 'Watching Birds in the Land of the Lion' by Dirk Du Toit, is a forex trading book, covering all aspects to becoming a successful Forex trader.

4. 'The Trade Zone' by Mark Douglas, adequate psychological control at the time of trading on Forex, a recommended for those wishing to venture into the world of financial markets.

5. 'Bruges Market' by Jack D. Schwager, a well-sold classic, delving into the world's most successful traders, seeking a taste of what it takes to be a world-class market.

6. 'Forex Profit' by Steve Nison, is actually a set of slides, which explains how to use the strategies to move to the next step in the Forex market. It consists of a complete thought or advice on trade

7. 'Seven Winning Strategies for Forex' by Grace Cheng, is a most important strategy book by a full time Fores trader. Recommended for those inexperienced Forex.

8. 'The Elliot Wave Domain' by Glenn Neely, is a descriptive and research book that begins with the most basic concepts of negotiating with Elliot waves and ends with complex details for advanced financial traders.

9. 'The 10 Fundamentals of Forex Trading' by Jared Martinez, is a comprehensive Forex trading guide, written by an expert on forex trading. Its main theme is about technical indicators and various objects of graphics and a great technical analysis.

10. 'The Black Swan' by Nassim Taleb, a famous shredder of economic forecasting theories, is a highly recommended book for traders, who should read this book first and foremost to enter the world of trade.

Mar 23 2017 at 07:29
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Excellent books, Thank you for sharing the basic information on Forex trading. Very good.😀

Mar 26 2017 at 07:11
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A good book that I recommend.
It's called .. My toolbox for trading. By Darío Redes

Summary: The toolbox has been created to provide a summary of many aformisms, quotes and trading guidelines.

Apr 23 2017 at 06:35
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Yes, there have so many ways of learning Forex business, but till now reading eBook is my favorite! I have read more than 100 trading eBook till now! But it’s true, all of trading eBooks were not meaningful! By the way, I found proper price action knowledge by reading ‘Best Forex System: Price Action’! In addition, right now I use my PA knowledge in my live trading account!

Apr 26 2017 at 11:24
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I find most books that I have read have not been that helpful. Best advice has been on forums like this

chrisvaughan02 (chrisvaughan02)
Apr 27 2017 at 06:33
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great thread. I may check out a few of these...

Most helpful books i've read so far:

One Good Trade by Mike Bellafiore(not forex specific) & Fibonacci Trading by Carolyn Boroden

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