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Fear makes you

Mar 02 at 12:04
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Fear makes you hesitate entering a position and it is bad for you. One way of eliminating fear is through knowledge and information, if you know how your position is gonna go, then you wont have any fear in entering that position. Trader's psychology is one thing traders overlook.

Mar 02 at 12:40
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All kind of emotion including fear can damage trading plan. So, traders should avoid or control their emotion in trading.

Mar 02 at 12:52
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If you are afraid to loss when you are trading then its only means one thing and that is your not ready yet. In forex trading we need to practice in order to earn and we can only become successful in trading if we practice in demo account and boost our trading skills and confidence in their.

Mar 11 at 11:25
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Fear of loss is real. But it should not hamper the way you trade. You must trade after performing proper market analysis. You will lose along the way but that shouldn’t make you lose hope.

Mar 11 at 11:34
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fear makes you weak. No doubt we all have fear be it trading or anything else. But we need to overcome those

Mar 11 at 11:50
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Gracewilson1995 posted:
fear makes you weak. No doubt we all have fear be it trading or anything else. But we need to overcome those

True. Try to invest less. That’s the way you can control your fear of losing.

Mar 22 at 10:03
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Yes, fear can ruin a trade very easily, that’s why a trader should try to have some control over their emotions while trading.

Mar 22 at 10:57
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emotions can be controlled with experience. The more you trade the less fear. it just takes time

Apr 06 at 09:48
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That is absolutely right! Fear does that to a trader no matter how much knowledge they have.

Apr 06 at 13:55
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Fear does not let us think logically. That's why traders close trade and then it went in their favour. Fear comes when we not know what we are doing and why doing.

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