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Is trading hard?

Jan 03 at 07:20
643 Posts
Of course trading is hard. Trading is a high rewarding work. High reward doesn't come easily. A person needs deep knowledge and understanding of the market to be profitable. He also needs very strong mind set.

Jan 04 at 01:56
298 Posts
Yes, trading is very tough but Proper Knowledge and Money Management make trading easier.

Jan 04 at 10:01
112 Posts
I will not dissemble I will say that indeed difficulties in trading will arise and quite a lot, but they will all be overcome if you take it seriously

Jan 04 at 11:18
34 Posts
Indeed trading is hard, if someone wants to be successful they really need to practice a lot.

Jan 04 at 23:42
682 Posts
Trading is very difficult but if you can work by maintaining proper money management and risk rewards, trading will become much easier.

Jan 05 at 07:11
148 Posts
trading is not hard thing but it can be if you have not enough money managing ability , because every faction in this market place is uncertain and there is no one who can calculate this with certainly.

Elena Triston (ele020)
Jan 05 at 07:14
219 Posts
Trading is just like any other job which comes with pre training period. You need to follow the correct path learn each and every step and it would be much easier for you than its generally anticipated?

The more your practice, the more you learn.
Norman (azmanpay124)
Jan 05 at 08:05
20 Posts
Like other professions, forex trading is not an exception.

Jan 05 at 08:15
98 Posts
In term of having zero knowledge when it comes to trading, then it is quite easy to say that trading is hard. You will need lots of skill and patience to pull off a good trading and you will need a good determination to pull off a consistency in profit.

Jan 09 at 12:11
644 Posts
azmanpay124 posted:
Like other professions, forex trading is not an exception.

True. Like other business, you have to work hard in order to become successful in this sector.

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