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It has been said that

Jan 31 at 13:32
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It has been said that practice makes a man perfect. Forex trading is no exception to this. If you enter the market without the best possible practice you should confront numerous troubles. For practice you need a demo account that is well synced with live market prices.

Jan 31 at 17:25
644 Posts
It is true that traders need practice to master their trading strategy in order to make consistent profit in trading.

Feb 01 at 01:14
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The more you develop your skills, the more you will be able to earn money from trading. If you trade without developing experience, it is never possible to survive in trading.

Feb 01 at 12:23
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I do agree with you all.
Forex trading is not an easy task. It demands proper knowledge and practice. Being consistent is the key here.

Feb 03 at 09:02
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Forex trading will never gain profits overnight, one needs to have proper knowledge and should be consistent in practising.

Feb 05 at 03:50
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Rightly said, practice is the key to success. More you get involved in it, the more you will learn. This is not a game for those who think to get rich overnight.

Feb 05 at 12:14
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I agree with you. You cannot expect your trades to work for you if you are not ready to practice. You can start with demo trading so that you can do your practice without having to lose any money.

Feb 08 at 06:00
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Yes, practice gives that required confidence to a trader, which is a big aid for him in the long run. If one has practised and tested his strategies well, his chances of attaining success stand strong.

Mar 09 at 05:12
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Yes, practice can really be helpful for traders and can increase their overall trades in the present and the future as well.

Mar 11 at 09:04
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Exactly, Practice is the key to have consistent profits in the forex market.

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