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losses and fear.

Jun 30 2020 at 03:05
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When we have a loss, fears begin for us, for which we cannot continue to trade.

Aug 18 2020 at 18:40
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I completely agree with you. If you can control your emotions and fears, you can reduce the loss and make profits from the market easily.

Aug 19 2020 at 07:11
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Tezilkree posted:
When we have a loss, fears begin for us, for which we cannot continue to trade.

Correct! Losses are a huge demotivator. But we have to understand that losses and profits are just a part of trader's life. We should take lessons from losses, understand why they occurred and take steps to not let them happen again.

Aug 19 2020 at 11:31
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Yes emotions are the real enemy of a trader. Emotions like fear and greed take control of many traders. That's why a trader needs to learn how to be emotionless while trading. They need to be discipline in trading.

Sep 05 2020 at 17:23
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Loss of fear is a bad for trading. Because of that, trader cannot proper execute their trading decision. Trader should control their negative emotion in trading.

Adam Cantor (AdamCantor)
Sep 06 2020 at 09:32
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Tezilkree posted:
As soon as you learn to fight this fear, then trading with you will be much better to go.

literally the biggest challenge in forex tbh

Sep 25 2020 at 01:28
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Trading emotions is very harmful. Fear is a part of emotions. After trading, many traders are afraid that it creates a negative mindset. You have to learn from the loss in trading. And if you are afraid of this loss, you will never succeed in trading.

Sep 25 2020 at 04:24
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While you have to know yourself well and control your emotions in general, minimizing risk and testing your trading plan can help a lot too. It is important to have a system that you trust, so that even if there are losses and you feel fear, you can still enter trades knowing that the overall outcome will be positive.

Sep 25 2020 at 04:53
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the extreme fear of loss is bad but it's makes you to pay attention on your trading as well. focus on the positives it will help you grow.

Sep 25 2020 at 05:24
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I agree, one needs to overcome the fear of losing while trading and the best way to do that is to invest as much as you can afford to loose.

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