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Jun 15 2012 at 15:04
64 Beiträge
if i change the leverage of my contest account? will i be disqualified?

Jun 18 2012 at 13:57
2 Beiträge
i have a question too.. can i change my contest password?

Jun 19 2012 at 15:43
7 Beiträge
I am not happy about this - the leverage should have been set the same for everyone - why should there be 2 different options ? I think I might as well give up as you'll have all these unrealistic accounts/traders with 'runaway' figures like 5,000% gain over a month and other such nonsense.

If this issue is not resolved in some way, then I will have to stop taking part in this competition.

Bruce Lyon (lionsntigers)
Jun 19 2012 at 16:12
4 Beiträge
This is ludicrous It shouldnt even be a consideration. 2 contests then One for 1-20 and another for 1-50 Are you contest organizers hearing us????

A rising tide lifts all boats
Ethan (Staff)
Jun 19 2012 at 16:42
1387 Beiträge
You can set the leverage in your private area on Oanda's website. We did ask Oanda to set the highest leverage, however Oanda responded that every user can set it on his/her own.

Jun 20 2012 at 04:48
2 Beiträge
can i change my contest pw?

Jun 20 2012 at 06:42
7 Beiträge
Thanks for resolving this site admins ! As a suggestion, this info should be sent to everyone so everyone's on a level playing-field.

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