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scalping anyone??

Jun 09 at 13:34
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I prefer scalping as well because it is one of the quickest ways to earn profit. Even though it is risky but with the right strategy and broker, you can make consistent profits in it.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Jun 09 at 17:00
238 Posts
scalping is my all time favorite and love

Jul 03 at 16:17
587 Posts
Scalping is very risky. I think the strategy for scalping should be applied properly. Some many rules and regulations must be obeyed.

Jul 04 at 10:35
248 Posts
I do scalping sometimes but not always. Newbie should not do scalping as it requires good skills. Also scalping can ruin a newbie's trading habit.

Jul 04 at 10:53
547 Posts
@Akasuki Yes newbie should not do scalping. Scalping is done in lower time frame and in the lower time frame market moves a lot. As a result a new trader start over trading without realzing anything.

Jul 04 at 15:38
282 Posts
Scalping is risky but proper education and discipline can make scalping perfect.

Jul 05 at 15:24
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Scalping is risky it is still one of the quickest trading methods to earn profit in a short time frame.

Traders can earn consistent profit in scalping with a good strategy and broker. I currently use FP markets to trade because of low commission and tight spreads.

Jul 06 at 05:55
4 Posts
I like to do scalping sometimes when odds are in my favor. quick but risky method to make profit.

Jul 20 at 06:02
19 Posts
If you are a day trader or into short term trading, you can try scalping but make sure you know enough about it since it can be a little risky if done without prior knowledge.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 21 at 00:43
120 Posts
Scalping needs a good broker with fast instant execution, I am sometimes trading scalping in my FXOpen broker, usually, I like to close order using the X symbol on the right column. It's a quick way to closed an order instead click right on the ticket order to close.

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