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Where are the other trading systems?

Rafiu Oluwasina Ganiyu (rafnet)
Apr 19 2010 at 17:19
25 Posts
I just saw that some trading system are no more on display.What could be the reasons for this?

victor (rubionfunds)
Apr 19 2010 at 17:41
83 Posts
inactiveness... dormancy ?? 🙄

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Hernan Segovia (Spyfrat)
Apr 19 2010 at 17:50
52 Posts
i think it was a bug. reported it yesterday, no reply yet.

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Steve B (stevetrade)
Apr 19 2010 at 18:04
1409 Posts
Is it possible it's down to the new filter they have added?

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Hernan Segovia (Spyfrat)
Apr 19 2010 at 18:20
52 Posts
Staff has just sent you a message with the subject Search Issue:

Hello Spyfrat.

We've introduced some new filter for the search criteria which are by default on and decrease the search results.

Let us know if you have anymore questions.


God is great all the time
Apr 19 2010 at 20:00
140 Posts
personally I liked the way it was before by default.
All verified and real systems on the front page - made sense
whether trades are visible or not has no influence on performance.
The last traded option somewhat makes sense but what if someone trades long term?

Hernan Segovia (Spyfrat)
Apr 20 2010 at 02:08
52 Posts
what are the current default set? seems like there's no systems passed sets at 100% gain with 10% dd

God is great all the time
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