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Which pairs are your least favorite to trade? And why?

Dec 10 2021 at 16:44
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To be honest, I try to use the same pairs for work stably, this option seems to me to be more reliable.
Jan 31 at 15:59
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The least favorite exotic pair to trade is the one with no pattern. They are very unpredictable and have no pattern. These pairs are extremely risky to trade.
Maikeisha Cuyler (Rjengs)
Feb 01 at 15:55
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I know lately, the GBP/JPY pair is the least reliable. There is a lot of risk here.
The means fits the end.
Feb 05 at 12:31
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Perhaps, USD/CAD is the worst currency pair for me. I also don’t like EUR/USD and I would put GBP/USD on the third place. Other majors are not problematic for me. Besides this, I don’t have problems with cross pairs.
Feb 07 at 09:51
42 Posts
My least favourite pair to trade EUR/TRF. It is very unpredictable, enables increased spreads and is not liquid at all in comparison to other currency pairs.
Feb 10 at 11:34
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I avoid trading with exotic pairs since they are difficult to trade and also the most troublesome pairs because they are not very liquid.
Feb 18 at 05:30
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Jordan5ith posted:
I avoid trading with exotic pairs since they are difficult to trade and also the most troublesome pairs because they are not very liquid.
I agree, Even I don’t prefer exotic currency pairs. I prefer trading EUR/USD and GBP/JPY major currency pairs.
Feb 18 at 08:11
15 Posts
Absolutely! Major pairs are the best to trade safe. EURUSD is my every time preference.
Feb 18 at 09:17
18 Posts
EURUSD trading pair is what i prefer and don't like USDCAD.
Feb 18 at 12:19
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My most favorite will definitely be EURUSD, i am currently trading on them with fxview and earned decent gains on it but my least favorite have to be USDJPY & AUDCAD as i’ve been seeing a lot of fluctuations these days.
Feb 18 at 13:34
801 Posts
I really like pairs with a pound. A very stable currency that can bring good results.
Feb 19 at 19:40
939 Posts
To be honest, changes are too frequent now to say anything specific.
Feb 23 at 07:33
34 Posts
I avoid trading with exotic pairs because they are harder to predict and they have no pattern. I find them highly risky pairs to trade.
Feb 24 at 11:44
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Major pairs are trending so yes these are my favorite pairs too.
Feb 25 at 04:20
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My least favourite pair to trade in the forex market is CAD/JPY as it is not liquid at all and offers wider spreads.
Feb 28 at 09:48
36 Posts
Mostly, it’s exotic pairs because they have low liquidity and high volatility. Another reason to not to trade with them is high spreads, which makes them expensive to trade.
Feb 28 at 16:57
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It seems to me that good pairs for work are with the euro. At least, so far they seem pretty good to me.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Mar 01 at 17:20
282 Posts
I stay away from exotic pairs and stick to major currency pairs for the most part.
Mar 07 at 05:10
15 Posts
Most traders avoid trading with pairs that have high spreads and high volatility. They are called exotic pairs. Such pairs are not profitable to trade because of the high level of risks associated with them. For instance, I have traded with EUR/TRF. It was a bad experience.
Mar 08 at 10:13
147 Posts
i am with now EUR/USD, GHB/USD. going good
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