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code my strategy

Apr 20 at 05:06
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Mitglied seit Dec 23, 2022   1 Posts
Apr 20 at 05:06
I have a strategy that has a 59% profitability rate over the span of 100 trades with a 1 to 1.5 RRR on AUD/CHF that is the only pair i have backtested so far, the rules for the strategy are 100% objective therefore that is why i think it could be made into a robot, but i dont have any experience in coding.
James (jamesmillere)
Mitglied seit May 31, 2023   1 Posts
Jun 05 at 10:04
You can consider collaborating with a programmer or a developer who has expertise in coding trading robots. They can help you transform your objective rules into a functional algorithm that can be implemented in trading software.

Alternatively, you may explore existing trading platforms or tools that offer automated trading functionality. These platforms often provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to define your strategy using visual components or predefined indicators, without requiring extensive coding knowledge.

Mitglied seit Dec 01, 2021   4 Posts
Jun 15 at 21:27
If you still looking for, someone, you can contact me !
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