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get-data-daily return empty array sometimes

Feb 28 at 06:43
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Mitglied seit Jun 21, 2019   7 Posts
Feb 28 at 06:43

I try to understand why the request get-data-daily return sometimes empty array.
I need to get the account balance even the day without profit.

But I juste get an empty array....

Can someone help ?

Mitglied seit Apr 05, 2023   1 Posts
Apr 05 at 05:43
The 'get-data-daily' function sometimes returns an empty array, indicating that no data is available for that particular day. This can occur due to various reasons, such as missing data, technical issues, or the function being called before the data is updated for the day. Proper error handling and data validation can help mitigate this issue and ensure that the function returns meaningful data to avoid potential errors or issues in the application or system using this function.
Mitglied seit Apr 14, 2023   2 Posts
Apr 14 at 09:00
It is unclear why the 'get-data-daily' request sometimes returns an empty array. The requester needs to provide more information about the source of the data, the criteria used to retrieve it, and any potential errors that may be occurring.
Mitglied seit Jun 21, 2019   7 Posts
Apr 14 at 09:13

I just ask get-data-daily endpoint, with the date of the current day, every day at 23h05.
I do the same for 15 strategies, and everyday, some stratregies return empty array, even if there is floating amount.
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