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ELIXIR-Strategy-Gold-2011-2020 (by isimplytrade)

Gewinn: +13.07M%
Drawdown: 26.48%
Pips: 1685382.0
Trades: 4088
Model Quality: 99.9%
Bars Im Test: 3518909
Zecken Vorbild: 326365166

Forward Test: ELIXIR-Strategy-1
Snenhlanhla (Snenhlanhla)
Dec 17 2020 at 02:51
1 Beiträge
Dec 20 2020 at 14:12
1 Beiträge
Hi ! How can I copy your strategy ?

simplytrade (isimplytrade)
Dec 23 2020 at 14:18
1 Beiträge

Currently, I am not providing signals or copy trading to the public. I hope to start copy trading on CTrader copy platform in 2021 and will add a new post on my profile once it started.

************ Successful trading depends on the 3 inner games; Execution game , Mind game & Algorithm game. ************
Dec 29 2020 at 14:11
17 Beiträge
I would stay updated on this one, always on a lookout for new trading ideas.

Jan 19 at 04:11
15 Beiträge
I would like to know the strategy you’ve used for this system. The profits look great and so does the graph.

Jan 19 at 14:34
6 Beiträge
Working with gold is in high demand.
And that doesn't surprise me, because it correlates with the dollar (and now it's more relevant than ever), and there are always quite strong levels!

Jan 25 at 19:06
2 Beiträge
It looks good.
Although when I see such a big profit I always have the thought that it was done on a demo or it's just a lucky coincidence.
Although I could be wrong of course.

Jan 27 at 00:51
289 Beiträge
I have been trading for many days and I am constantly trying to learn new trading systems.

Feb 20 at 04:46
12 Beiträge
That is impressive! Good work on your trading system. Keep it up.

Feb 21 at 15:49
3 Beiträge
great result
have you changed your plan to provide signals?

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