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An option to combine two or more accounts Abstimmergebnisse

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An option to combine two or more accounts Diskussion

Oct 20 2010 at 23:01
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I use Oanda where hedging is not possible on one account. So I have to do my long trades on a different subaccount then short trades. To see my real results these 2 accounts must be combined. So a possiblity to combine account would be nice.

This is also good to see total performance if has more than 2 accounts (I have 4 with Oanda). My real perfomance is these 4 combined... and looking at them separately gives wrong picture.
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Jan 20 2022 at 17:44
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Hi guys,
good question!

This 'combine' / 'glue' feature would be very good to glue for example two Accounts let me explain the case:

- I open and use the Strategy A with the Broker A (Account A)
- then, I close the Account A and I move the Investment to the Broker B (Account B) with the same Strategy A
- I'd like to glue / combine Account A + Account B to have back the entire results of the Investment A

Please Do you have any tricks / tips for it ?
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