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Grouping "split" trades [split by taking partial profit] Abstimmergebnisse

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Grouping "split" trades [split by taking partial profit] Diskussion

Aug 10 2011 at 14:10
68 Posts
I rised this issue before, however I have now two ideas for the solution.

The issue is that when I open a trade [say 10 lots] and than close half it appears in a history as two separate trades, however the second one have in comments 'from #10298384' what means there was one trade #10298384 and was divided in two after taking partial profit.

If this would be possible to show some form of 'basic history' where these trades would appear as one and secondly I wonder would it affect other statistics like average win/loss etc.

Second - maybe even beter method would be to do it manually. The reason is that I open three trades one after another just o set three separate TP. than If I could manually 'stick' those positions together so others can see it as a one trade in some 'simplified' history version.

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