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Password Protected Public Systems Abstimmergebnisse

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Password Protected Public Systems Diskussion

Mar 01 2010 at 13:24
19 Posts
I want to keep SOME of my systems private as a whole, but still allow certain individuals to follow along. I have a managed account service, and would like for the clients to be able to log in and see their charts, etc. Password protecting public systems would allow for this!

Mar 01 2010 at 13:34
131 Posts
Goto - Portfolio/Add Account - Invitations Tab and create a private link and give that to your clients (Also Edit the Trading Account and change the Permissions to make everything Private). - Only your clients that you give the private link to will be able to see your page. - Every month or so you can regenerate the URL if you want to remove people from being able to see it. (if they leave your program) plus you can change the viewable items of the private link and 'Apply Settings' to update it. Sweet!

It ain't easy being Cheesy!
Staff (Staff)
Mar 01 2010 at 13:41
1388 Posts
Fulltime247, we couldn't explain it better 😄.

Kyle, let us know if you have anymore questions.


Mar 01 2010 at 13:55
941 Posts
You can also create a password protected directory on your own domain that contains the link. Will also work.

Mar 01 2010 at 14:26
19 Posts
PERFECT! Thanks guys!

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