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Bot Fundacion (By catonr )

Das System wurde vom Nutzer gelöscht.


Jul 28 2020 at 08:58
1 Beiträge
Hola que tal? Me gustaría saber que paso, no van a seguir operando mas con el bot?
Pregunto porque vi que retiraron los fondos de la cuenta. Saludos

Jul 29 2020 at 17:26
17 Beiträge
It's cool, but it's kind of unbelievable.
If it's not difficult for you, share your description of the approach so that it can be compared to the current situation in the market.
It's always interesting and valuable to learn something new.

Aug 19 2020 at 16:48
9 Beiträge
I cannot understand why automated passive approaches are becoming so popular. Well, that's kind of weird. Does everyone trust that? What about personal control? It's interesting to analyze the market on your own, find some special points, make forecasts, etc.

Aug 25 2020 at 16:40
17 Beiträge
Well, why not? After all, many traders do not consider trading to be their main source of income. And that's why they can choose some other formats to devote their time to something else. And this is normal. Everyone should choose what he likes.
I believe that trading should remain a free business.

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