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Contest - m217irr (bei seyed mohammad mortazavi )

Gewinn : +499.09%
Drawdown 50.90%
Pips: 689.4
Trades 36
Typ: Demo
Hebel: 1:200
Trading: Unbekannt

Contest - m217irr Diskussion

May 18 2012 at 18:06
19 Posts
Hello mate,

Nice strategy. Could you pls share your contacts with me.

I like your strategy, you follow the trends and that is very cautious, Let me know if you are willing to trade or manage accounts, as I am looking for a strong team here.

Best Regards,


all the best ok.

May 19 2012 at 12:04
47 Posts
I like your small drawdown is what I look for rather than big wins, yes I am also looking for someone to trade my account

seyed mohammad mortazavi (m217irr)
May 20 2012 at 07:01
2 Posts
Small drawdown is what I look for in over ten years that I trade, and also statistic significant numbers

I trade based on trend, sometimes a kind of my trades long to one or two weeks or even more ,
time parameter it is not important for me, only I think of safety of deposit

2 way for P/L : 30%/110% another 30%/250%

statistic significant numbers for 30%/110% :

after 28 trade
1 Loss , 1 Profit from 10000 $ we have 2200101 $
2 Loss , 1 Profit from 10000 $ we have 9054 $ not good

1 Loss , 2 Profit from 10000$ we have 178208209 $ in condition we can trade with unlimited lot but I do not know the broker that allow it if we accept max lot is 10000 after 23 trade we have 39271161 $ and after that lot can not more than 10000

but if we trade based on
statistic significant numbers for 30%/250% :
after 10 trade
1 Loss , 1 Profit from 10000 $ we have 882735 $
2 Loss , 1 Profit from 10000 $ we have 35309 $ acceptable
1 Loss , 2 Profit from 10000 $ we have 4413676 $


after 100 trade
3 Loss , 1 Profit from 10000 $ we have 963949 $ acceptable

All these trades is unique and like together and consist of some defined elements,
That means when we trade with 10000$ balance or one million $ both is the same and the stress is same

of course some dynamic elements also exist and more important that after 60 point profit max loss is 0 and we have stressless trade,

about trading or managing accounts I do not know the procedure, because I haven't done this before,

Please let me know what is that.

Best Regards,


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