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Contest - Metathron2000 (bei Martin )

Gewinn : -99.9%
Drawdown 100.00%
Pips: 2640.7
Trades 350
Typ: Demo
Hebel: 1:200
Trading: Unbekannt

Contest - Metathron2000 Diskussion

DepokForex (dpkforex1)
Feb 07 2015 at 10:59
17 Posts
can you share manual system please Metathron ?

Feb 08 2015 at 07:30
4 Posts
Hi dear Metathron
i follow your trades and i like this system of trading.... i m a beginer in forex and i hope so to continue learning..
when i see your strategy in trading i like it because as you said in the post the true forex is using indicators and tracements of fibonacci.. can you add me to talking about and hard luck to win in this contest you are the best

Feb 08 2015 at 07:41
2 Posts
Martin (Metathron2000)
Feb 08 2015 at 09:06
9 Posts
Thank you :)

Neexistujú bezvýchodiskové situácie, sú len nesprávne riešenia !!!
Feb 09 2015 at 07:25
33 Posts
Feb 09 2015 at 07:53
2 Posts
Hello metathron2000,
Than you for your response to my Comment. You are still good. Please don't loose focus or let the lost on 06/02.. Distract you in anyway.
If your system is for subscription, I would like to subscribe. If it for sale I will buy if I ve the money.

Good wishes bro. More grease to your elbow. See you on top.

Peppino Fiori (n44bbo)
Feb 09 2015 at 12:52
2 Posts
in a real life trading, he would have had an heart attack by now.
He has 6 positions open all in a loss, 1000 lots each; in any investment the drawdown is very important because it can wipe out all of your money.
So this kind of demo contest are worth 0 in the real world, as the risk is too much for any investor

The show must go on....."USQUE AD FUNDUM"
Martin (Metathron2000)
Feb 09 2015 at 15:44
9 Posts
everyone who competes is aware that it is a competition, where it is important to get the highest appreciation for getting first prize. I real trading using completely precise rules as in tejtio competition, only small volumes, determined by money management, where I Never expose your account such risk.

Neexistujú bezvýchodiskové situácie, sú len nesprávne riešenia !!!
Feb 09 2015 at 15:52
6 Posts
Great performance Metathron2000.
Hop you can share your knowledge in a video soon.

Martin (Metathron2000)
Feb 09 2015 at 21:28
9 Posts

Hi, will soon be published on my site full of trading strategies, find a school Candlestick Trading, Price Action, E-books, Fibonacci trading style and some videos.

Neexistujú bezvýchodiskové situácie, sú len nesprávne riešenia !!!
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