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Daily Range (bei Ray )

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Daily Range Diskussion

Ray (rjm354)
Sep 08 2013 at 03:09
42 Posts
I have been trading the daily chart trading range since July 1st on a demo account. Before July I was messing around with scalping and trend lines with no success. I knew the markets are in a trading range most of the time. Then they trend up or down to the next range. I dropped in a couple of horizontal lines , 1 at the top of the range and 1 at the bottom. I used CCI to help me enter sometimes. Sell at the top of the range when CCI broke just below +100 . And buy at the bottom of the range when CCI broke just above -100.
There were many pairs with this scenario at any 1 time. So I opened multiple positions . I used a 100 pip stop and no limit.
I have opened as few as 7 and as many as 13.

I live in California and have a day job . So I would enter these positions usually around 9pm PST but I would close them all around 5am the very next morning and go to work.

I didn't care what was in profit or what was a loser. What I found was that every time I traded I was in profit the next morning.
I have been just +135 pips and as much as +745 pips over night. I did not care about the win/loss ratio . All I wanted was positive pips. And they just keep coming.

This 1st week of September 2013 I am up 922 pips . 31 trades but I traded only 3 times this past week. You can see the dates on the trades and the times.

I am going to continue this through September and maybe try it live in October with $500 . 13 positions at 1k each would cost around $300 to open.

Any thoughts ?

Ray (rjm354)
Sep 09 2013 at 03:31
42 Posts
opened 11 positions around 330pm PST today . Up 80 pips. I am gonna let these go over night and close at 5am

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