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Forex Fury USDCAD 50K (bei Forex Fury )

Gewinn : +62.8%
Drawdown 6.99%
Pips: 1044.5
Trades 159
Typ: Real
Hebel: 1:200
Trading: Automatisiert

Forex Fury USDCAD 50K Diskussion

Mar 27 at 02:54
7 Posts
I'm really curious to know why the bot hasn't opened a single trade in January. Was it because the conditions were not present or was the bot shutoff during that period?
Forex Fury (forexfuryreal)
Mar 27 at 14:25
14 Posts
This test did not start until February.
Forex Fury is the best EA ever created.
Mar 27 at 18:30
7 Posts
Ok, this was a little bit misleading because there is a few trades that were performed in November 2021.
I have another question... I see that the EA trades only at 4-5PM EST just before the market rollover.
Is it possible to set it so that it closes the trades automatically if the TP has not hit before 5PM?
Forex Fury (forexfuryreal)
Mar 31 at 02:19
14 Posts
Sorry, I don't see what is misleading about this test. There are no promises being made of any of our tests. It is a test, with no purpose other than being a test.

There is no feature that does what you ask at this time.

Sorry for the slow response, please email us if you need faster response times.
Forex Fury is the best EA ever created.
Al Quran (Raeleigh)
Jun 02 at 09:08
25 Posts
Hi. Is it true that TP is 5 pips and SL is up to 9000 pips? Doesn't that destroy an account that big SL? Account performance has declined rapidly. Why is that so?
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