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FPFx Aggressive Trade Sets ( 2 to 8 ) (bei Santino Sabitsana )

Gewinn : +190.76%
Drawdown 98.70%
Pips: 2123.0
Trades 38
Typ: Real
Hebel: 1:100
Trading: Manuell

FPFx Aggressive Trade Sets ( 2 to 8 ) Diskussion

Aarish (eternaltrader)
Apr 23 2011 at 09:58
18 Posts
hi i am interested in ur system is that 4 sale ??

thanks and have a nice day
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Miguel (tapachula)
May 02 2011 at 23:17
193 Posts
Very nice System Description,
Yeah i know my grammar sucks, I speak spanish. Sorry if something doesnt make sense ;)
Santino Sabitsana (fighterpilotfx)
May 03 2011 at 14:24
6 Posts

You might be interested in following the other systems. Summary is posted daily in this forum link

Thank you.

PGX Admin
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